about Refrigeration theory

1. What is refrigeration?
Refrigeration was essentially molecular motion slows down in the air, cool the air image that is.

2. General principles of refrigeration?
General refrigerator compressor refrigeration principle role is to lower steam pressure compressed into a high pressure steam, the steam volume decreases, pressure rise.

Compressor suction low pressure refrigerant vapor from the evaporator, raise the pressure into the condenser, condensed in the condenser high pressure liquid after the throttle valve throttle, low pressure liquid, into the evaporator and evaporator heat of evaporation and low pressure steam, and then reaching the evaporator inlet, in order to complete the refrigeration cycle.

3. cooling system is made up of?

Refrigeration system consists of 4 basic parts consisting of compressor, condenser, evaporator, throttle parts. Four pieces of copper pipe in a certain order into a closed system, charge a certain amount of refrigerant in the system. General air conditioning refrigerant freon, normally used was R22, now some air conditioning freon has been using new environmental protection refrigerant R407. These are vapor compression refrigeration systems. To refrigeration for cases, compressor inhalation from evaporator of cryogenic low voltage of fluoride Lyon gas compression into high temperature high pressure of fluoride Lyon gas, then flows through thermal expansion valve (capillary), throttle into cryogenic low voltage of fluoride Lyon steam liquid two-phase objects, then cryogenic low voltage of fluoride Lyon liquid in evaporator in the absorption from indoor air of heat, became cryogenic low voltage of fluoride Lyon gas, cryogenic low voltage of fluoride Lyon gas and was compressor suck people. After the indoor air through evaporator, releases heat, the air temperature drops. So compressed———throttle—-evaporation condensation loop repeatedly, refrigerant continues to take heat from the indoor air, which reduces the temperature of the room. When heating, through the four-way valve switch, change the direction of the flow of refrigerant, making outdoor heat exchanger evaporator, absorbs heat from the outdoor air and indoor became evaporative condenser, heat indoors, and achieve the purpose of heating.

4. the basic principle of refrigeration systems?

Liquid refrigeration agent in evaporator in the absorption was cooling of objects heat zhihou, vaporization into cryogenic low voltage of steam, and was compressor inhalation, and compression into high pressure high temperature of steam rear into condensation players, and in condensation players in the to cooling media (water or air) radiates, condensation for high pressure liquid, and by throttle valve throttle for low voltage cryogenic of refrigeration agent, and again entered evaporator endothermic vaporization, reached cycle refrigeration of purpose. This refrigerant is through evaporation, compression, condensation in the system, throttle four basic processes completion of a refrigeration cycle.
In refrigeration systems, evaporators, condensers, compressors and throttle valve in the refrigeration system is essential for the four pieces, the evaporator is the chilling conveying equipment. In which the refrigerant absorbs heat from refrigeration cooling objects. The compressor is the heart, inhalation, refrigerant vapor compression, conveying the role. Condenser is give out heat device, the evaporator absorbs the heat together with heat from the compressor into passes cooling agent away. Throttle valve throttle effect on refrigerant, while controlling and regulating the number of liquid refrigerant into the evaporator, and divided into the high pressure side and low pressure side two parts. Practical refrigeration system, apart from these four large, often have an auxiliary device, such as solenoid valves, dispensers, dryers, collector, fusible plugs, pressure controller components, are designed to improve the economics of running, reliable heat indoors, and achieve the purpose of heating.

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