A few problems that you need to know in floor heating system

Floor heating has a few problems that need attention, you know? With the arrival of cold weather in winter, many people are going to choose to install floor heating, have a warm room in their home environment. Heating a system, covers all aspects of the problem.

1. Select the heating pipe problems: select will directly affect the life of the floor heating system heating pipes, floor heating system is a system of long-term covert use, choose what kind of heating pipe directly affects the life of the whole system. When selecting a heating pipe can select imported pipe or joint-venture companies, no province during an initial installation cost, select the pipe too cheap at a later stage, maintenance costs or even in early times, and a construction boom. So choose good quality pipes, is the high cost is worth it.

2. Select water-divide problem: water-divide is the main material of the floor heating system, quality, directly related to the operation of the whole system, and may not match the corresponding temperature, causing budget overruns. In this regard, importing diversity has great advantages in quality and uneven domestic products, and applied for a short time, the quality varies greatly, so choose carefully, suggested the use of products from well-known manufacturers.

3. install floor heating engineering problem: accurate should be strictly in accordance with construction drawing design, due to warm is a system, when installed, must be good and home improvement, and must not be installed on the warm floor random construction work, has the potential to cause damage to the heater. And cannot be opened without permission to warm the device, if it will affect the construction, you must get in touch with installing floor heating supplier, in time.

4. There is no need to install temperature-controlled Central: some type of heating area is big, generally recommend installing temperature-controlled Central, so that each can be individually set the heating temperature of the room, or you can set the temperature of the room to a minimum, keep running. By temperature-controlled central control, significantly saving energy profligacy; and easier centralized management control.

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