9 ways to save energy

Saving energy not only has to do it before you go out to turn off the lights, tighten the faucet, the leftovers to pack these things. Recently, the United States the prevention magazine published many small details of life to let you save energy.

Use compact fluorescent lamps. Each compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) annual energy cost savings of $ 6. According to United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) data, energy-saving lamps 25%-saving energy than incandescent, extended service life 10 times.

Use the dishwasher. Germany, a study showed, compared with hand-washing, dishwashers only use one-sixth when running at full capacity of water and disinfect better.

Use energy saving device for your air conditioner.It can pay for itself and you take back money within 3months only.

Set the TV to the “standard” mode. Many TV factory image as “bright” and “light” mode, this mode makes images brighter, but it also consumes energy of 10%~20%. Images as much as possible back to “normal” or “standard” mode.

Screen savers do not use pictures. The environmental group, natural resources Defense Council (NRDC) expert jinmu¬∑nuoerdun said: “the complex screen-saver, such as photos, animations, and more, will make the screen continued to shine, increases the power consumption. “Recommends that the screen saver can be set to” black screen after 5 minutes “.

Morning and evening watering the flowers. Watering during the day, especially in the hot sun, evaporation will not be able to penetrate deep into the soil, can also cause water to waste, watering the flowers preferably in the morning or the evening.

Unplug the charger after charging. Many people pulled out only after the end of charging phones, charger is still plugged in to the outlet, which will still have power loss and could result in fire and other hazards, we recommend charging unplug the charger.

Driving constant speed as much as possible. According to United States Department of energy data, sudden acceleration, brakes can be increased up to 33% of oil consumption. Recommended driving a constant speed, speed is also slow, energy-saving at the same time ensuring driving safety.

Clean up the trunk. According to the NRDC data, car trunk full of stuff, will increase fuel consumption by as much as 5%. Recommended periodic cleaning of the trunk, some things you can’t usually use move in a timely manner.

Cleaning the refrigerator. Fridge clutter will also increase energy consumption, recommends fridge only seven points. Need to be reminded that a refrigerator, not right next to the wall, it would be more than 5 cm intervals, or will obstruct the air circulation, to the detriment of refrigerator cooling, increased electricity consumption.

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