800W Solar PV System

800W Solar PV System

800W Solar PV System


Peak power 4800W
Solar panel: 800W(200WX4)
Battery: 12V/400AH(100AHX4)
Inverter: 48V/2000W(power frequency)
Controller: 48V/20A
Output port: DC:12V   AC:220V
Size: 780x580x1245mm   weight160kg
Charging time Solar panel 3.6hours can be full charge.
Remark Solar panel with 20M wire
Time Supply Reference Appliance Power & Quantity Work time per day Total Power
LED lamp 5WX6 8Hours 240W
fan 18WX2 8Hours 288W
computer 100WX1 3Hours 300W
printer 250WX1 1Hours 250W
refrigerator 100W(150L)X1 24Hours 800W
water pump 500WX1 1Hours 500W
Satellite Cable DVC 25WX1 5Hours 125W
21-inch TV 70WX1 5Hours 350W
The system in full sunlight condition can produce electricity 800W per hour and the capacity is 4800W.

One Inquiry to 800W Solar PV System

  1. We are looking into house made solar panels and are questioning if anyone has made use of the Earth4Energy. com kit? 555energy. com says Earth4Energy. com is the best kit to acquire. Has anyone utilized a kit?

    Which kit did you make use of?
    How simple was it to construct?
    How much did it cost to build the panels?
    How numerous kw or watts does it produce?
    Other details on the kit or panels you developed would be handy.


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