380V temperature control switch


Thermostat,Temperature controlling switch,three-phase electric 380V, adjustable type,regulating temperature 30-110°C and 50-300°C
  • Model: 380V
  • Power: 380V16A
  • Thermostat temperature range: 30 -110 °C 50-300 °C

Place of origin:China

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The blue color of the thermostat chassis is a protective film. Please remove the protective film before installation.

Working voltage: 380V

Temperature control range: 30°C-110°C;  50°C-300°C;

The sensor line is about 70 cm long

Principle performance : When the temperature of the controlled object changes, the working medium in the temperature sensing part of the temperature controller generates a corresponding physical phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction (change in working volume), and the bellows generated together with the temperature sensing part is generated. Expand or contract. Through the principle of leverage, the switch is turned on and off to achieve the purpose of constant temperature. The liquid-up temperature controller has the characteristics of accurate temperature control, stable and reliable, small temperature difference between start and stop, large temperature control range and large overload current.

Uses: Mainly used in home appliance industry (shower, drum type washing machine, heater), electric heating equipment (stainless steel automatic water heater, electric fryer, food machinery, medical equipment), refrigeration industry (kitchen freezer, fresh cabinet, cold storage) , ice machine, fish pond, cold drink machine, heating machine, etc. for temperature control.

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