300W Solar PV System


300W Solar PV System

300W Solar PV System


Peak power1800W
Solar panel:300W150WX2
Inverter:500W(Modified sine wave)
Output port:USB:5V  DC:12V AC:220V
Size:611x260x546mm  weight60.5KG
Charging timeSolar panel 3.6hours can be full charge.
RemarkSolar panel with 20M wire, 150pcs can be fit in a 40-feet container.
Time Supply ReferenceAppliancePower & QuantityWork time per dayTotal Power
LED lamp5WX68Hours240W
washing machine300WX11Hours300W
21″ TV70WX14Hours280W
At the same time it can charging for mobilephone, MP3 etc. those 5V electric equipment.,For 220V electrical power supply
The system in full sunlight condition can produce electricity 300W per hour and the capacity is 1800W.

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