12000BTU Coaxial Heat Exchanger,1RT (Ton Of Refrigeration)

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Supply 12000BTU Coaxial Heat Exchanger,1RT (Ton Of Refrigeration),exported by China manufacturer. Features with high effiency of heat exchanging and long working service.

* Place of Origin: China;
* Sell to worldwide, Ship by air plane or by sea boat;

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Supply “12000BTU Coaxial Heat Exchanger,1RT (Ton Of Refrigeration)” as introduced in the following article.We are professional to supply various of Coaxial Heat Exchanger with different capacity,to explore more types or models,please send enquiry message to us.

Features on 12000BTU Coaxial Heat Exchanger :
Heat exchanging capacity: 3.45Kw refrigerating capacity,meaning 12000BTU/hr;
Inner tube material: twisted type copper tube (with twisted 4 heads,6 heads or 8 heads),Φ25.4×0.8×2180+200mm;
Outer tube material: Steel tube or copper tube(optional),Φ28.6×1.5x2100mm
Water flows in the internal copper tube,anti-corrosion;
Refrigeranti goes through between outer tuber and inner tube.Because inner tube is designed with twisted type,can increse heat exchanging capacity and working efficience;
Shape: Oval, Round, Or Square;
With fixing feet;
Wuality line welding;
Tested by filling 3.5Mpa nitrogen,no leak;
Outer tube is sprayed with anti-corrosion powder and then sprayed with black powder;
Coated with 12mm insulation material;
With plastic end cap for water inlet & outlet.

12000BTU Coaxial Heat Exchanger 12000BTU-Coaxial-Heat-Exchaner

manufacture Coaxial-heat-exchanger

* Smartclima can customized various of  Coaxial Heat Exchanger according to your drawing.

Coaxial Heat Exchanger is usually used on the refrigeration unit,air source heat pump,ground sourse heat pump and other refrigeration system because of its high performance and effience of heat exchanging.It is composed by two pipes,inner pipe flows water and between inner pipe and outer pipe flows refrigerant R134a,R22,R410,etc.Some user has special requirement for water pipe(inner pipe) on the performance of anti-corrision,for example,they will ask salt water and acid water to flow in the water pipe,some users will applicate this unit onto the Marine ship air conditioning system,therefore,it request high performance of anti-corrision for inner water tube.Smartclima can make water tuber with the material of copper,nickle brass or titanium,for more details,you can visit our web: Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger,Marine Coaxial Condenser.

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  • Runen

    I need five 12000 btu r22 coaxial heat exchangers.
    Please let me know if you have in stock and the cost.

  • Paul James

    How much is that 12,000 btu coaxial r410 Refrigerant to water for hot water exchanger

    • Smartclima


      Hello,Paul.We tried to reply to your private email,but failed because the email address you provided was wrong.Please write your message to our email: or .We`re waiting for your message.Thanks.

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