Water Pipe Cleaning Equipment,Descaling water pipe tool kit

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Water Pipe Cleaning Equipment

Item:Water Pipe Cleaning Equipment,Descaling water pipe tool kit

Brief Description: Water Pipe Cleaning Equipment,just as its description,is a revolutionary tool kit to clean your home plumbing lines,water pipes,remove scales and rusts from pipe,and thus to keep coming water more soft and more clear.It is also used to clean floor heating pipe to get better heat radiation,save energy cost and pro-long water pipe service life.Utilizing high pressure air and aerial pulse principle to remove long-years scale which is strongly attached onto the inner pipe.Composed by aerial pulse converter  and air compressor,the coverter is built-in onto the comprosser as the power source supplier,25kgs,portable and easy to take and operate.Installed a smart Pressure Controlling Guage,where can set watermax. pressure into the pipe and automatically stop when pressure reach max. pressure with 0.25s.It`s a revolutionaly design in world,as it can protect your pipe from too high pressure…..

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Models & Details for “Water Pipe Cleaning Equipment”

Water Pipe Cleaning Machine High pressure pipe cleaning Device

  • Aerial pulse converter  is combined onto air compressor,portable and convenient to take;
  • Built a smart Pressure Controlling Guage,where can set watermax. pressure into the pipe and automatically stop when pressure reach max. pressure with 0.25s;
  • Material of aerial pulse converter is made from brass and stainless steel,corrosion resisting;
  • Air compressor can produce 18Liter compressed air;
  • Noise<70db;
  • No need oil,just need electric,220V/50Hz;
  • Can be wireless remote operation;
  • Go with 10m inlet pipe,10m outlet pipe and 5m high pressure aerial pulse pipe.
  • Go with all connectors necessary;
How to operate”Water Pipe Cleaning Equipment”?

parts indicator panel operation indicator

Improved model–Updated.

Water Pipe Cleaning machine Water Pipe Cleaning Equipmentcleaning-water-pipe without chemical liquid cleaning-water-pipe with chemical liquid

How to remove water scale from pipe with Water Pipe Cleaning Equipment?

If operate cleaning pipe work as usual,you must call your water company or water treatment specialist to ask for a water analysis to see if you have hard water and to test the pH of your water. With Smartclima Water Pipe Cleaning Equipment,you can ignore above action,and clean your water pipe D.I.Y,without complicated tools,you can get soft and clear water immediately!

1,Shut on and adjust pressure on the “Intelligent pressure controller”:
1. Intelligent pressure controller has been set to the maximum pressure limit of 7.5bar when washing floor heating,and set a password to lock, the customer can not change it without password.Any new settings need to enter the password to unlock it.
2. Pressure limit can be adjusted according to pipe type,pipe material, pipe age,and scaling heavy or not. An approximate pressure value for reference. (1) 7.5bar for washing floor heating pipe. (2) 3-4bar for washing wall-mounted water heatingf boiler. (3) 6-7bar for washing Radiant iron water pipes,and 5-6.5bar for washing plastic PPR pipe. (4) Up to 5.5bar for washing other plastic pipe or aluminium-plastic pipe.

3,Adjust Aerial Pulse Frequency
The Aerial Pulse Frequency can be set to determine the time of shut on or shut off automatically.After set time,need to shut off and shut on again to achieve the function of automatic controlling. No work if you set time when the device is working.See below:

Aerial-Pulse-Frequency1,”S” is unit,couldn`t be changed.It means time unit: second;

2,Begin,can be 01s01s;after run 5 minuts,can adjust to 02s02s; when water out is clear,can adjust to be 03s03s;

3,You can adjust frequency according to  scale type and scaling heavy or not in water pipe;


3,Connect Cleaning Equipment and water pipe to compose a circuit as following to start cleaning work:

How to remove water scale from pipe with Water Pipe Cleaning Equipment


  • It can get better cleaing effect with cleaning one floor by one floor,i.e. as above photo indicating,it`s better to clean 4th floor first of all,then clean 3rd floor,2nd floor,1st floor,from up to down,one floor by one floor.
  • You can add hydrochloric or sulphuric acid to the water to lower the pH in your water pipes. Ask a water treatment specialist to do this.
  • Same operation when washing floor heating pipe,just wash one circuit by one circuit.
General knowledge for “Water Pipe Cleaning Equipment”

Water pipe cleaning FAQs

Question: Is it necessary to wash water pipe? If do not wash, what dirty materials will stay in pipe?
Answer:Maybe you feel that the water from your taps are clean…And maybe you will say that the left image is exaggerating…But if you cut your water pipe and check inside situation,you`ll be very surprised to its dirty and attached materials.Any water pipe will be attached scales .washing pipe is absolutely necessary, if you do not wash, water pipes will breed E. coli, Legionella, enterovirus, microcystin toxin would stocking bad heavy metal arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, etc., they can cause serious rust,and the water pipes will be blocked ,water flow become small and slow.If you wash your face with this kind of water,your skin will become bad and bad;If you drink this kind of water,the metal material unseen will be deposited in your body and thus to danger your health with long days. ..



Question: Will all material pipes become dirty after long days? Have to be cleaned?
Answer: According to SGS test report shows that the water quality in the unwashed water pipe is more 6.5 times dirty that that cleaned water pipe. And so,water from ordinary tap may seem clear, but because the water wall filth, so the water flow will take out a little scale, so that the water you are using is dirty. SGS also detected that the water from water pipes containing up to 0.19ml / L of Pb ingredients and other heavy metals not included in the test items, including iron, mercury, arsenic, cadmium. According to the color of water, can determine the dirt ingredients: plastic pipe is easy to stock algae dirt, so cleaned water from plastic pipe is whitish or pale green or pale yellow;raw iron pipe is rust easily, so water is brown; If you use groundwater, regardless of iron pipe or plastic pipe,water is very dark and black. Relatively new buildings,they will use the stainless steel pipe or copper pipe, but after long time,can get water with whitish sticky bacteria and algae.

Question: What are the methods to clean water pipes?
Answer: There are three ways to clean water pipe: the first is to use soluble chemical medicine, due to construction likely to cause pollution, has less to use; the second is to use ozone cleaning, emphasizing ozone sterilization function, but ozone is easy to make plastic tube embrittlement,and speed iron pipe 3,000 times faster oxidation, it will worse rust water situation. The third is latest developed high-frequency(Pressure Aerial pulse) cleaning technology, utilizing high compressed air and high frequency and computer microcontroller, can produce four different wave energy, the advantage is fast, safe and effective, the costs are lower than the other two ways.

Question: What is Pressure Aerial pulse cleaning technology?
Answer:Pressure Aerial pulse cleaning technology is to rely on gas and water as the medium to form physical wave with high speed jet,it produce a controllable pulse wave to flush and vibrate the deposits of rust and scale in water pipe tube, and so to peel rust and the deposits&scale to outside of the pipe,and thus to achieve rapid drain dirty and cleaning purposes. Because it utilize gas&water as the medium,this technology can be applied onto reducing, turning, burial and other complex pipe network structure and complicated direction. Civilian water supply network including water pipe network, heating pipe network (including radiant floor heating pipe network), drinking water pipeline network and bath with hot water pipe networks. The pipe network is leading to millions of households, connecting with the people’s livelihood, small tube and more turning more towards complex pipe network. The cleaning requirement for these pipe network are just coincided with pressure aerial pulse cleaning technology features, so in recent years, physical pressure aerial pulse cleaning technology to clean the water supply plumbing pipes in the civilian sphere has a wide range of applications. This cleaning technology is characterized by:
1,No use any chemicals, no corrosion to the pipe network,no pollution to water .It is a green and safe-environment technology.
2, Non-blocking, practical, suitable for all complex pipe network.
3, Fast and efficient, saving time and less working.
4, Save energy money and good cleaning effect. Because cleaning is based on air and water as the medium, so it is low cost compared with other cleaning methods, and can remove more than 95% rust and deposited scales outside the system, recovery water supply capacity and improve heating effect.
5, Esy to inspect the cleaning quality. You can compare the pipe inside before and after cleaning with your eye easily.

Question: What principle does Smartclima Water Pipe Cleaning Equipment?
Answer: use Pressure Aerial pulse cleaning technology with microcomputer control . aerial pulse,fast back and forth against the wash, wash and high frequency ring spiral side shock-peel and other four swings, which is the most rapid and effective cleaning method among several cleaning method . Water hammer straight flush: water hammer pressure waves produce strong, straight flush dirt inside pipes. Quick back and forth backwash: In good times or bad quick wave back and forth, repeatedly flushing water pipe wall. Spiral ring side wash: wash water in a spiral fashion wave wall depression scale slit card. High-frequency shock-peel: inner tube vacuum generates high frequency, create a lot of blisters, blisters rupture shock so foreign body peeling wall.

Relatively fast, effective and safe, because  not use chemical solvents, nor the use of ozone.

Question: What plumbing lines in home can be washed with Smartclima Water Pipe Cleaning Equipment?
Answer: All water plumbing pipe of family use can be cleaned with Smartclima Water Pipe Cleaning Equipment, including: bathroom sink of hot and cold water, hot and cold water lotus canopy head, toilet, kitchen, hot and cold water, washing machine cold water pipes, etc.

Question: About how much time for cleaning?
Answer: Generally single households are about 1.5 to 2 hours; McMansions about 2-4 hours.

Question: Aerial pulse(High Frequency) cleaning method is to use compressed air to drive water to clean pipe with high frequency forward and back, will wash the old pipes to break?
Answer: No.Because Smartclima`s Water Pipe Cleaning Equipment has its revolutionary design-Intelligent pressure controller.When pressure in the pipe is going to be over than the set pressure,the device will automatically stop immediately within 0.25s.Pressure limit value in Intelligent pressure controller can be adjusted according to pipe type,pipe material, pipe age,and scaling heavy or not. An approximate pressure value for reference. (1) 7.5bar for washing floor heating pipe. (2) 3-4bar for washing wall-mounted water heatingf boiler. (3) 6-7bar for washing Radiant iron water pipes,and 5-6.5bar for washing plastic PPR pipe. (4) Up to 5.5bar for washing other plastic pipe or aluminium-plastic pipe.

Question: How often to wash water pipe?
Answer: Wash one time per year in principle; if there is installed with water filters, can be washed every 2 years.

Question: How to judge if the water pipe is dirty?
Answer: when the water flow becomes slow and small; when water gas heaters point vain;when faucet end filter cards scale; when flow out rusty water from taps when you stop to use water 2-3days; when turbid water or sand water, or the pluming system more than five years in building. As long as there is one conditioner like above, it means you have to wash your water pipe.

Question: What can I get after clean water pipe?
before-and-after-cleaningAnswer: the water from taps get soft,become more clear.When you wash your face with clear and soft water,you will become more young and more beautiful;You will get more health if you drink clear and soft water;the service life of plumbing pipe system will become more and longer.
And if you are runing or going to run a water project installation company or water treatment service shop,with Smartclima  Water Pipe Cleaning Equipment/Descaling water pipe tool kit,you can provide Pipe Cleaning Service to the end user and thus to get good profit.




Cleaning PEX pipe and Floor heating pipe FAQs

1. Q: When can I clean?
A: Any time,they can be cleaned,after stop supply heating is the best time to clean, in time to remove the formation of the heating period pipeline dirt, biological slime, the elimination of impurities and bacteria. To prevent the formation of deposits in the pipeline caused by pipeline embolization.

2, Q: It still need to be cleaned if the house temperature is still high ?
A: Yes, need to be cleaned, and now the city has two ways:traditional heating and floor heating, so the water temperature is higher (floor heating water temperature should be around 55 degrees, traditional heating water temperature around 80 degrees). The resulting is to have high temperature to warm the home enough,and so some users put some warm water supply valve smaller or closed, so that the water to warm the pipe become slow, it is more easy to form a pipeline sediment, more likely to cause pipeline embolization, so more should be cleaned.

3. Q:What ways to clean?
A: There are many geothermal cleaning methods,they are tap water flush, chemical washing, high pressure cleaning projectiles, pulse wave physics, combined with cleaning and other drugs.

4. Q: How long should be cleaned ?
A: Two years ,a professional cleaning service .Any geothermal heating more than two period needs regular maintenance and cleaning service. For new household,it is best cleaned at once, because there are some unprofessional geothermal construction, the pipeline will have impurities, stones, cement,even serious situation that they do not install the filter, it is easy to block pipe in a short time.

5, Q: geothermal pipe design life is more than fifty years ? Why still need to be washed?
A: The heat pipe is no problem even to use a hundred years. The problem is that the water into the pipe contains a lot of material inside which can be roughly divided into two categories: one is the minerals, calcium, magnesium ion is one of them, we know that change of termperature high and low will make the calcium and magnesium ions combine to form the dirt, though the heating water is softened, but due to excessive loss of water heating (especially floor heating warm loss more than traditional heating loss), mostly added heating water softening process is not ideal, so that water will still have a lot of calcium and magnesium ions; the other is the microbes under a microscope to watch, boiler water at 30 degrees Celsius, the water will produce some floc, along with an increase in water temperature and attached floc This does not scale the wall, forming a biological slime. Coupled with the inherent complexity of the shape of geothermal coils, pipes and other characteristics longer, after a certain period will form a pipe scale, can cause serious pipeline embolism, affect the cooling effect. So geothermal pipes need to be cleaned.

Buying Guide to “Water Pipe Cleaning Equipment”
  • The device listed above is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;

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