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Item: Tube in Tube evaporator Coaxial Heat Exchanger condenser

Short Description: it consist of two tubes, an inner and an outer coiled together. This unique, compact design prevents thermal fatigue, increases efficiency and reduces the overall size. It is ideal for high temperature, high pressure and low flow applications.

Material:Inner corrugated copper tube,Outer galvanized steel pipe

Models & Size: See following drawings and accept customed size.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Models and details on “Tube in Tube evaporator Coaxial Heat Exchanger condenser”
Copper Tube in steel heat exchanger
Technical parameters:
1, Good line welding,strong & Continual welding;
2, Test of air leakage, no leakage with 3.5MPa N2 testing;
3, Usually work for R134 or R22 system,etc.(Also can do it work for R410a system if customer requires)
4, Surface is painted,and coated with ≥20mm insulation;
5, Use black strapping tape with adhesiveness to wrap insulation material;
6, Inner tube: corrugated copper tube;Inner tube flow water;
7, Outer tube: Galvanized steel tube;Outer tube flow freon;
8, No insulation at joint of copper tube and steel tube;
Models choice:
1), Heat exchanging capacity 1HP, 1.5HP, 2HP,3HP,5HP,drawings here:
2), Heat exchanging capacity 6HP, 7HP,drawings here:
3), Heat exchanging capacity 10HP,drawings here:
4), Heat exchanging capacity 12HP,15HP,20HP,25HP,drawings here:
5),Other specification, please contact us to email:  hvac@smartclima.com
Buying Guide to “Tube in tube heat exchanger”
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Accept customized size production;
  • More types of  heat exchanger are not displayed on the web.If the item above doesn`t meet your requirement,please contact us to email: hvac@smartclima.com ,we can supply a favourite item you need.


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