Solar PVT Panel

Solar PVT Panel
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We are proud to introduce the  Solar PVT Panel to its line of high quality, solar energy products. Its revolutionary design combines photovoltaic energy generation with thermal heating capabilities in one powerful, cost effective module.Solar PVT Panel-Hybrid Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermo into a panel,producing electricity effectivly and warm water at same time in a panel with 0 cost.It stands the developing trend of future solar PV panels.

Solar PVT Panel

Smartclima Solar PVT Panel(Photovoltaic Thermal panels), have PV panels on top of a flat thermal module that captures the superheated air and either turns it into hot water, or flows the warmed air through the house for heating.Its revolutionary design combines photovoltaic energy generation with thermal heating capabilities in one powerful, cost effective module.It require an attic space with a south facing sloped roof.

The  panel delivers substantially higher efficiencies compared to other PV panels. A PV panel’s performance can be degraded when subjected to extremes in operating temperature. But our Solar PVT panel eliminates this problem through the use of an integrated aluminium heat exchanger with a water/glycol mix. This heating exchange capability can effectively cool or warm the solar cells equally when needed, keeping the module’s temperature at a constant 35℃. At this temperature yield reductions due to excessive heat in the summer are prevented, improving the system’s electrical output by 15-20% compared to standard PV panels. During the winter, heated water can be pumped through the module quickly melting away snow and exposing the modules to sunlight, ensuring uninterrupted power generation.


Background & Principle

Typical PV modules have a solar conversion efficiency up to 15%. What happens to the rest of the sun’s energy that shines on the panels? Most of it is converted into heat energy, which normally is lost and provides no value to the system owner. As well, the heat build-up behind PV modules reduces the electrical output by 0.4-0.5% for every 1°C above its rated output temperature, which is 25°C (77°F). For every 1°C (1.8°F) above 25°C, the electrical output drops by 0.4 to 0.5 percent. A typical rooftop PV array may measure 55 to 75°C (131 to 167°F), which means its electrical output would fall by 12 to 25 per cent below the name plate rating. For example, a 10-kW array only generates 7.5 to 8.8 kW under these temperature conditions. A PV/T system lowers the photovoltaic temperature by 10 to 20°C (18 to 36°F), which increases the electrical output by five to 10 per cent, or an extra 0.5 to 1 kW for a 10-kW array.

Our Solar PVT panel are designed to be used in a number of residential and commercial applications. For the home, a roof-top array can generate thermal energy to supply a family’s hot water needs. It can also supply all the energy needed to supply an under-floor radiant heating system. If you own a boiler, our Solar PVT panel can supply up to 70% your existing boiler consumption needs. With the addition of a thermal storage unit, the energy generated by an Solar PVT panel array can be utilized any time; day, night or on cloudy days when the amount of available sunlight is limited. Solar PVT panel can be the foundation for a truly environmentally friendly home. Integrating a low temperature differential engine will put your home one step closer to energy independence. The energy provided by a PV-Thermal system will generate carbon free electricity, displace carbon based heating fuels such as oil and natural gas and reduce your household’s carbon footprint to a minimum.

The higher conversion efficiency and thermal capabilities of Smartclima’s Solar PVT panels make them ideal for large power generating plants and PV parks. When combined with a low temperature differential engine, a PV park owner can enjoy not only the higher efficiencies the modules provide, but also can convert the additional thermal energy into electricity, producing higher returns on investments.


PVT Panel Features:

* Generate free electricity & hot water ,best of Both Worlds!
* Can combine with a heat pump
* Green deal funding,Earn an income for all energy generated
* Completely maximise the potential energy on your roof
* More efficient than standard Solar PV as the panel is kept cool by the circulating water
* Reduce carbon foot print
*  The future of solar panels!

Thermal Performance:

PV Performance:

Cell Dimension: 156×156
Single Cell power: 4.3W
Cell Quantity: 60 pcs
Module Dimension: 1640X992X50mm
Pmax(W): 250
Voc(V): 37.4
Isc(A): 8.96
Vmp(V): 30.7
Imp(A): 8.14

Characteristics & Performance

Use of only certified materials at highest quality standards.
The process of cell and module production is fully automated with 100% quality control and product traceability.
Excellent performances even during low solar radiation 
Guaranteed positive tolerance 0 to +3% of power for each module

Power not less than 90% of power peak during the first 12 years
Power not less than 80% of power peak during the subsequent 13 years.


Temperature Coefficients(Tc)
Temperature Coefficient of VOC(β) -0.33%/°C
Temperature Coefficient of ISC(α) +0.033%/°C
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax -0.39%/°C
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature(NOCT) 45±2°C
Permissible Operating Conditions
Maximum system voltage 1000VDC
Operating temperature -40~+85°C
Maximum Surface Load Capacity Test up to 5400Pa according to IEC61215 (Advanced test)
Resistance Against Hail Maximum diameter of 1in.(25mm) impact speed of 51.5mph(23m/s)
Mechanical specifications
Cells Polycrystalline cell with 3-busbars,6″(6×10)
Junction box IP67,combined with 3 by-pass diodes
Front Glass Thickness 3.2mm
Connecting Cable/Connector MC4 compatible connector/4mm²
diameter, 900mm length
Frame Dimension 1640x992x50mm
Weight 30KG

PVT performance:


PVT Application:



Power output versus temperature of solar PV and Solar PVT panel



HVAC Parts >> Solar Utilizing >>Solar PVT Panel

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  1. Tim Gutierrez says:

    Aloha, I’m an electrician in Hawaii working with commercial and residential PV. I am very interested in you PV-T panels. Do you have a distributor here in Hawaii?
    I would like a price list please.

  2. Matt Tomlin says:

    Hi, do you have price list, and MOQ for delivery to 26651 in the USA?

  3. Mr Sulaiman Meghjani says:

    We are enquiring about PVT>

  4. Mr Sulaiman Meghjani says:

    We are interested for India and UK . Do you have any distributor in India.

    Do you have any distributor in UK?

    Please send MOQ and pricing.

    What is the PV efficiency. Do you have any references in USA , UK OR Europe?

  5. Niels Voigt says:


    I am interested in your PVT-solar modules, but would like some more information about them.

    Can you send me some details about the connectors for the cooling medium? From the text on your homepage it is somewhat unclear wheather the cells are cooled by liquid or air. What is actually the case? What is the pressure drop in the cooling medium at different flow rates?

    Please send me some pictures of the panels. I am particularly interested in the

    Do you ship to Europe?

    Best regards

    • Franjo Skuber says:

      We are manufactoring PVT panels and we are looking for new markets.
      The panels are made in Slovenia, EU.

      For all further information send me an e-mail

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