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Round plastic louvre air outlet

Item: Round plastic louvre air outlet

Short Description: Plastic External air louvre,simple design but very effective, installed in the hole, fan hole, vent, to against sand, dust, extract indoor air to outdirect, prevent mosquitoes from entering the room.Nice, durable, convenient installation. Is an energy-saving and environmental protection product.

Size: connector diameter Φ80mm, Φ100mm,Φ125mm,Φ150mm,

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Round connector

plastic louvre air outlet

made from plastic ABS

For external exhaust smoke, which is arranged on the air outlet pipe, prevent birds and insect drill into the room or the lampblack machine,in rainy days, rain can not enter the room;

Mounted on the wall, can rise to the indoor ventilation effect.

Size: connector diameter Φ75mm, Φ100mm,Φ150mm


1. The drilling (specify size) between the interior and the exterior.

2. Place this product at the card into the hole in the exterior wall. For further solid, glue or cement can be fixed.

3. The inside of the wall can be fixed ventilation pipe (this product is not suitable for indoor and optional new outlet).

plastic-louvre-air-outlet2 Plastic-louvre-air-outlet1

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