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# 1, Air Conditioner spare parts——>

# 2, Refrigerating Parts ———>

# 3, Air Ventilation Materials——->

# 4, Season Temperature Devices——>

# 5, Solar Utilizing Products——->

# 6, Thermodynamic Solar Panel System ——–>

# 7, Energy Saving Products——->

# 1, Custom Sheet Metal Products———>

# 2, Custom Metal Tube Deforming———>

# 3, Metal Extrusion Fabrication———>

# 4, Cold forging/heading Metal Parts———>

# 5, Custom Casting Metal Parts———>

# 6, Custom Plastic Products———>

# 7, Custom Rubber Products———>


# 1 Air Conditioner spare parts>> Go to visit

Air Conditioner PartsAC Installation1    copperbrass1    AssembleRepair1    ACEnergySaving1    AC maintenance1

>> Air Conditioner Brackets

>> Vibration Damper For Air Conditioner Installation

>> Air Conditioner Installation Tools

>> Lineset Cover System

>> Condensate Removal System

>> Copper Fittings

>> Insulation Materials

>> Universal Air Conditioner Control System

>> Air Conditioner Fan Motor

>> Air Conditioner Capacitor

>> Air Duct Cleaning Equipments (For Centeral A/C Air Duct)

>> Air Conditioner Indoor Unit Air Filter Anti-bacteria

>> Air Conditioner Energy Saving

>> More … …

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# 2 Refrigerating Parts & Heating Elements>> Go to visit

refrigeration and heatingenergy-promotion1 Energy-Exchanger1 Drive-energy-moving1 Energy-Pipeline-System1Energy-System-Control1
Energy-Filling&Recovery1 Tools-&-Meter-instrument1 Insulation-Materials1 Welding1 other-refrigerant-parts1

>> Roll bond evaporator

>> Wire on tube condenser

>> Tube on plate evaporator

>> Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

>> Fin Heat Exchanger

>> Water Cooling Heat Exchanger

>> Water Cooling Block

>> Copper fittings and Brass fittings

>> Quick Coupler,Refrigerant Connecting Pipe,Guage Valve,Charging HoseManifold Set

>> Refrigeration Copper Tube Tools

>> Vacuum Pump

>> Thermostat

>> Defrost Timer

>> Fan Motor & Accessories

>> Insulation Materials

>> More… …

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 # 3 Air Ventilation Materials  >> Go to visit

 Materials For Ventilation Projectair-duct-duct-fittings-1air-terminal-device-1duct-accessory-1duct-fans-1duct-air-filters-1duct-dampers-1duct-muffler-1duct-insulation-1duct-temperature-controlling-1air-duct-heat-exchanger-1terminal-air-guide-1duct-cleaning-1

>> Air Terminal Devices

>> Furnace Filters

>> Air Duct Filter

>> Air Duct Damper

>> Volume Control Damper

>> Fire Damper

>> Flexible Ducting

>> Spiral Clamp With Rubber

>> Ventilation Duct Corner

>> Aluminium tape

>> Stainless Steel Jamb Seal

>> Square Bronzen Bush

>> Flange Tape

>> Metal Air Duct Materials

>> Air Duct Panel Materials (PIR materials)

>> More… …

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# 4 Temperature Devices >> Go to visit


>> Metal Frame Mini USB Cooling Fan

>> Mini Electrical Heater

>> Water Cooling Mat

>> Immersion Heater With Ceramic Heating Element

>> Heating Radiant Plate

>> PPR Tube For Cold Or Hot Water Supply

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# 5 Solar Utilizing Products  >> Go to visit

renewable energy products

PV-Panel-banner1    thermodynamic-banner1    Solar ventilation banner1    Solar air conditioner banner1    Wind-Turbine-System-1


>> Solar PV Panels,monocrystalline,Various Watt

>> Solar PV Panels,polycrystalline,Various Watt

>> Solar PV System

>> DC to AC Solar Power Inverter

>> Solar Charge Controller PWM

>> Solar Charge Controller MPPT

>> Solar power inverter and solar controller in one

>> Charge and discharge regulator

>> Solar Mounting&Accessory

>> Solar Thermodynamic

>> Solar Ventilation

>> Solar Powered Air Conditioner

>> Wind Turbine System

>> More … …

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# 6 Thermodynamic Panel hot water system >> Go to visit

PV-Panel-banner1  Solar-Thermo-Devices1  Solar-PVT-Panel1  Solar ventilation banner1  Solar air conditioner banner1

>> Thermodynamic panel

>> Thermodynamic block

>> Thermodynamic Panel Hot Water  System

>> Retrofit Electrical Water Heater To Thermodynamic Panel Water Heater

>> Water Cylinder matched with thermodynamic panel system

>> Connecting Pipe matched with thermodynamic panel system

>> Price List And Sample Condition for Thermodynamic products

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# 7 Eco-Friendly Products >> Go to visit

Eco-friendly bannersave-electricity-1save-water-1save-gas-1save-oil-1eco-friendly1

>> Electricity Saving Product

>> Water Saving Product

>> Gas Saving Product

>> Oil Saving Product

>> Eco-friendly Product

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##1 Custom Sheet Metal Products,including Stamping,Bending,Deep Drawing,Laser Cutting,CNC Punching >>Go to visit



 ##2 Custom Metal Tube Deforming,including Tube Bending,Forming,Expanding,Metal Wire Forming >>Go to visit

Metal Tube bending fabrication


 ##3  Custom Metal Extrusion Fabrication,Extrude Metal Profile With Extrusion Machine >>Go to visit



 ##4  Custom Cold Forging/Heading Metal Parts & Machinery Components,Metal Cold Forming,Metal Machining >>Go to visit



##5  Metal Casting,Custom Casting Metal Parts >>Go to visit



##6  Custom Plastic Products >>Go to visit

Plastic Injection Molding Service


##7  Custom Rubber Products >>Go to visit

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Data-Link Products & Accessories >> Go to visit


>> Server Cabinets

>> 19″ Mountable Shelf

>> Cable Organizer

>> Patch Panels

>> Power Distribution Units | PDU

>> More……

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Other Industry Products

>> Washing Machine Door Handles
>> Bubble Level Vials
>> Plastic Waterproof Junction Box
>> Aluminium Waterproof Junction Box
>> Waterproof Junction Box Hole Opener
>> Waterproof Cable Glands Connectors
>> Quick wire splice connector
>> Wire Connector Barrier Terminal Block
>> Circuit Breaker Din Rail
>> Outdoor Junction Box



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