Perforated Tape

Perforated Tape

Item: Perforated Tape,Multi-Hole Hanging Tape

Short Description: The roll tape with multi holes stamped.They are usually to hange ventilation round duct.Usually used in the field of ventilation project.It is made from zinc plated steel panel,anti-rust.The feature of multi-hole perforated permit you to adjust hanging diameter.The type of hanging can remove vibration when duct system working.Convenient to install..

Size: 25m long

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Perforated Tape

Perforated Tape

At present,we updated perforated tape IPT-A to be as following dimension:

17mm wide X 0.6mm thick X 25meter;

20mm wide X 0.6mm thick X 25meter;

25mm wide X 0.75mm thick X 25meter;

Material: zinc steel

Perforated Tape with multi holes

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