Metal Extrusion Fabrication,Extrude metal profile

Metal Extrusion Fabrication,Extrude metal profile

Service: Metal Extrusion Fabrication,Extrude metal profile

Short Description:Metal Extrusion Fabrication is a process to use compressive force to manufacture and form metal profile,including to forge metal screws,sockets, bolts, power nuts, non-standard hardware parts, machinery parts, auto parts, construction parts,ground pins,sleeve bushing, rivets,ring gear,housing,etc.Adopting technology of Metal Extrusion,not only save materials,but also improve item`s performance.

Material: Aluminium,Copper,Brass,Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel,Zinc,etc;

Shape & Size: Customized according to drawing;

Place of Origin: China,Service to World;

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 Experienced products made with technology of Metal Extrusion

Smartclima joined in  Metalhelper Factory(www.metalhelper.com) in 2010 to start international businss of metal product and process Metal Extrusion Fabrication. Metalhelper locates near to Smartclima,it is in a 7,000 sq meters with over 60 employees, many of which have been working together for over 20 years. The services include silk screening, powder coating, painting, plating, welding, machining, assemblies, rack enclosures, and just about anything having to do with metal fabrication.Smartclima is in charge of developing customers and exporting procedures,Metalhelper is in charge of production and fabrication of metal products.Metalhelper strictly control quality of products,and Smartclima monitor and check its quality fulfilling situation. in 2011,with two party`s efforts,we reached more than USD3,000,000 annual sales.

Metal Tube Fabrication

Metal Extrusion Fabrication in China–Customize/manufacture Metal Extrusion Products

Metal Extrusion Fabrication is a process used to create objects of a fixed, cross-sectional metal profile with extrusion machine. The extrusion process can be done with the hot or cold material.Metal material is strongly pushed or drawn to create very complex cross-sections and work materials that are brittle.Metal Extrusion Fabrication also forms finished parts with an excellent surface finish.

Metal Extrusion Fabrication may be continuous or semi-continuous.The material are always steel,stainless steel,aluminium,brass/copper.

MetalHelper is a specialist manufacturer in Metal Extrusion Fabrication,customing aluminum/stainless steel/copper extrusions for the aerospace, industrial, hardware, electronic, communications, and automotive markets.Metal extrusions engineering support is available for all of our customers. Our China metal extrusions factory has the ability to manufacture dies/tooling andmetal extrusions for many different types of products in many different industries.

Metal extrusions with secondary operations such as CNC machining, plating, polishing, anodizing, coating (such as Teflon or powder) are our specialty. Metal extrusions without secondary operations typically do not require a great deal of expertise and are not our focus. Utilizing our machining centers in China we are very competitive with custom metal extrusions and anodized metal extrusions with secondary machining operations.

Metal extrusions manufactured in China is very popular due to low cost and high quality of products manufactured. Our China factory can extrude many different shapes (including heat sink extrusions) to any of your special needs. We also manufacture our ownmetal extrusions dies for export if desired. On-site tooling facilities allow Cypress Industries to reduce our metal extrusions up-front costs to give you a low cost solution. Similar to our custom tooling service, we can manufacture extrusion dies in China for export to countries around the world.

The following photos show you a SMALL PART samples of Metal Extrusion Fabrication which we did ago.

Metal Extrusion Fabrication Metal Extrusion Fabrication (8) Metal Extrusion Fabrication

Metal Extrusion Fabrication (6) Metal Extrusion Fabrication (11) Metal Extrusion Fabrication

 Metal Extrusion Fabrication (3) Metal Extrusion Fabrication

Metal Extrusion Fabrication (1) Metal Extrusion Fabrication Metal Extrusion Fabrication (2)


We can process:

● Aluminuml Extrusion Fabrication;

● Stainless Steel Extrusion Fabrication;

● Brass Extrusion Fabrication;

● Carbon Steel Extrusion Fabrication.

Send us your requirment or drawing,let MetalHelper be your helpful assistant.

MetalHelper also can do:

● Mold&Toolmaking for metal stamping

● Sheet Metal Stamping

● Metal Sheet cutting,Laser Cutting

● Metal Sheet punching,CNC sheet metal punching

● Metal Sheet bending,CNC sheet metal bending

● Metal Sheet welding,MIG and TIG welding of aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel

● Metal Sheet polishing

● Metal Sheet powdering,Anodizing, Powder Coating and Spray painting

● Fastener Insertion

● Metal product assembling work, including electrical assembly

Metal Tube FabricationMetalhelper is a China manufacturer and supplier to process and export Metal Tube Fabrication, we have our own factory to custom producing your metal parts.In 2009,Smartclima joined in it and from that time,Metalhelper started its international business of Metal Tube Fabrication.

Range of materials to fabricate  are from carbon steels, stainless steels, brass, copper, aluminum, etc.Finish surface treating can be power painting,electroplating of chrome/zinc/nickel/tinning plated,anodize, black / colour anodizing,heat treating, polishing, Blackening processing,passivation etc.

MetalHelper`s service is based on the following technology and procedures,Metal fabrication is the building of metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling processes:

  • Cutting or shearing.Cutting metal materials with technology shearing or sawing.At present,MetalHelper is equiped with CNC laser cutter,which can provide you products with more accurance.
  • Extrusion.It is a process that the material is pushed or drawn through a die of the desired cross-section.MetalHelper has the machine to extrude steel bar,brass bar,or aluminium bar.
  • Punching(or we names it stamping).Punch hole on the metal material.It is a metal forming process with punch machine.MetalHelper has more than 20sets punch machine with different strength.At present,MetalHepler has been equiped with CNC punch machine.
  • Bending.Bending is to process Sheet Metal Stamping to be bent.It can processed by punch,by Hydraulic machines,or by CNC bending maching.Metalhelper are equiped by all above machines
  • Drawing.It is a metalworking process which uses tensile forces to stretch Sheet Metal Stamping. MetalHelper has different machine to do sheet metal drawing or do drawing or wire, bar, and tube.
  • Lathing.Lathes are used in metal spinning, it can be used to shape pottery.At pressent,MetalHelper are equiped with CNC lathe to provide better service for high accurance.
  • Hydraulics Deforming.Hydraulics is more better to deforming a metal product,because it put strength on the metal sheet with slow but big strength.MetalHelper has more than 10sets hydraulic machinese,can help you to process different metal products.
  • Welding.Welding is widly used in the field of Sheet Metal Stamping fabrication.MetalHelper has different welding machine,they are Co2 protected welding,Pot Welding,Line Welding.Especially,from 2009,MetalHelper was equiped with automatic welding robot.Its welding quality is more better,more quick.
  • Assembling.Usually,we help our customer to assmble many different components to be a complete product.Now,we owned two assembling line to help you process assemble task.

metal profile extrusionmetal  profile extrusion metal profilesmetal-extrusion-profile-4

Buying Guide to “Metal Extrusion Fabrication”
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider international air freight as cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Accept customized production,send us drawing;
General Knowledge on “Metal Extrusion Fabrication”

Cold extrusion means, at room temperature, with the tensile reinforcement force more than the original steel yield strength tensile stress, to let metal become reinforced plastic deformation in order to improve the yield strength of metal reinforced and to save material.
The plastic deformation process after neck specimens into a tensile test. When the elongation performance of samples to a stable sectional dimension necking section along the specimen continues to expand, until the whole sample become necking state. Necking occurs in the yield point stress decreases sharply stage. During cold drawing specimen under tensile force remained unchanged.

Cold extrusion concept

In order to save steel, steel for the purpose of improving the yield strength, with more than the yield strength and less than the ultimate strength tensile stress in tensile reinforcement, the plastic deformation of the practice that cold drawing.
The first cold extrusion. Take a reinforced by applying tensile stress of the steel bar cold drawing deformation may occur. With the tensile stress increased, reinforced internal tensile stress increases. When the yield point reinforced internally generated tensile stresses exceed reinforced with after cold drawing, stop, remove the load. This time we can see, steel has produced plastic deformation.
Second cold extrusion. Re applied tensile stress, the reinforcing bar tension to failure, changes of plastic steel, plastic small, high hardness, the strength of the reinforcing bar is improved, this phenomenon is called “deformation hardening”.
After more than two process of cold drawn steel production is completed.

Cold extrusion control

1) cold stress control condition:
For the reinforced II, III, IV grade steel and 5 steel, in after cold drawing, make use of prestressed reinforcement, with cold stress control. But after cold drawing steel after inspection, the maximum cold pull rate exceeds the specification values, and then to the mechanical experiment.
2) drawn rate measurement control requirements:
Control of steel bar cold to cold pull rate, control values to be determined by the test. Experimental determination of requirements: Determination of the same batch with furnace specimens, not less than 4, each specimen by the rules and regulations of cold stress determination corresponding cold pull rate, and take the average of the specimen as the furnace of the number of actual cold drawn steel ratio. If the steel strength high, average cold pull rate is less than 1%, in the cold drawn steel, are still on the 1% cold pull rate control.
3) furnace batch of different cold extrusion control:
For hybrid, confuse reinforced, furnace batch of cold, can not control the rate of cold drawing, but also to cold drawing a plurality of connection, each cold pull rate and the control stress must conform to the rules and regulations.
4) cold extrusion speed control:
To make steel fully deformation, we should properly control the cold drawing speed, generally 0.5 – 1 is appropriate. At the same time requirements, drawn to the specified shall force and cold drawn ratio, then stopped to pull 2 – 3 after the end of cold drawn, and then relax bar, to give the steel fully deformation time.
5) drawing extrusion method:
Cold extrusion only when the rate of cold drawn or cold stress control called the single control, during cold drawn rate and cold stress at the same time the application, called the dual control. Using a single control, simple and convenient construction. But for the reinforced material is not uniform, not possible by root test (by root test, labour and material consuming, not possible to do so, some of the same reinforced cold pull rate are not the same) cold drawn quality can not be guaranteed. Double control method can avoid these problems. Cold, to control the stress has been reached, the tension rate did not exceed the allowable value, can be considered qualified. However, if the tension rate has been reached, and cold stress is not up to the control stress, the steel to reduce the intensity of use. For prestressed must adopt the double control method.

Safety requirements

  1. cold drawn before should first cold tension ability and reinforced cold drawing equipment check whether to adapt, does not allow the overloading of the machine drawing.
  2.  should always check the cold ground anchor is stable, windlass, signal device, wire rope, fixture, pulley group is normal, should be excluded from the hoister slip in cold drawn before operation, signal, mechanical failure, fixture, or wire rope fracture and other unsafe factors.
  3.  the cold drawing process, should obey the unified command, thought the operation personnel to concentrate, hoist the driver to start and stop signals according to the provisions of.
  4.  cold site should set the alert zone at both ends of the ground anchor outside, and should be installed fence and warning signs, cold pull both ends of the protective equipment to be installed, to prevent the reinforced bar or detachment, fixture flying out to hurt people. No not standing in the cold wire at both ends, or across, touch is cold drawing processing steel. The operating personnel must be in the operation of left outside the reinforced 2m.


Submit drawings for Metal Extrusion Fabrication,Let Metalhelper manufacture it for you.

Let Metalhelper to help you process/manufacture Die-casting fabrication,Please send us the meassage with drawing or sample photo,and tell us your purchased quantity in first order,and then we`ll quote to you. The more details on product you provide,the more quick we can quote. You also can visit  http://www.metalhelper.com to contact Metalhelper company directly for Metal Extrusion Fabrication business


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Metal Extrusion Fabrication

Metal Extrusion Fabrication;Metal Tube Fabrication;Sheet Metal Stamping;CNC milling;Cutting;Bending;Welding and Bonding;Machining;Assembling;

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  1. Alstom says:

    Good day,I do have a small engineering oriented reprsentation company with a good reputation .
    A friend of mine has a small capacity -facility for melting ss rods AND needs an extruder for production of rods in small quantities .
    –Can you sell second hand extruder ?
    –Can you consider being a share holder ?

    Kindly need your comment.

  2. Sebnem Özgök says:

    To whom it may concern
    As an architectural research firm located in Istanbul we are working on modular structural systems. We would like to learn wide about your special (section) structural steel profiles.
    We need a list which contains:
    – General profile info
    -The steel grades, alloy proportions and geometrical limits (producable max/min dimensions : diameter, wall thickness, length etc.) that we can work with.

    For example we’re working on a section set as seen attached. It is expected to be 90mm diametered and made of S275 or high strength steel. We’re planning to use several sections diameter with , 100, 200 and 300 milimeters.
    Could you send us information about;
    -Ability of manufacturing and delivering the profiles and if it is not possible the characteristics of the suchlike sections can be handled.
    -Operation conditions ( cold extrusion, hot extrusion or laser fusion etc. )
    -Technical data about the sections (unit weight etc.)
    -Budget scheme includes just product prices excluded delivery costs.

  3. Marty says:


    Can you produce the attached custom rhs steel? This would be an ongoing order.

    I’m mainly interested in the outside 50 mm section at 2 meters in length. 15mt

    20 mt of 35 x 35 internal rhs at 1.7 meters

    Thank you very much

    I hope we can do business

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