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Item: HVAC Project Pipe Holders

Short Description: Made from galvanized steel stripes and welded a M8 or M10 nut to install a thread bolt in order to hanging pipe.Coated with  integrated insulation to reduce or absorb vibration and noise. It is widely used in the HVAC project and system.Hanging pipe onto the ceiling.Fixing or hanging refrigeration pipes,with rubber coat as insulation.

Main Features: It is the best item to Fix or hang refrigeration pipes

Dimension:wide range types for applications of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.Many sizes,see below.many sizes,see below.

Place of Origin: China, Sell to worldwide

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Pipe Holders-Type A,

refrigeration pipe holers HVAC project big pipe-holers

Pipe Holders-Type B

Ventilation pipe holers

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Pipe holders,also named Pipe clamp, is a wide concept, including hose clamp, steel pipe clamps, etc., but its main function is to fix the hose pipe or tube.

Pipe Clamp – Pipe Clamp species
There are two pipe clamps pipe clamp, sleeve type hose clamps, hose clamps, clamps, cards, mortar tubes, each tube clamps are to choose according to their own users.

Two pipe clamp:
Two-piece pipe clamps are in line with DIN2817, EN14420-3 standard production, the role of the hose connector firmly clasp together, to prevent the loss between the hose and fitting problems, the two-piece pipe clamps secure than using a sleeve to high-style hose clamps, hose clamps, clamp and so on. The material can be divided into: Three stainless steel, aluminum, copper alloy.

Telescopic tube clip:
Telescopic pipe clamps that withhold parts we use, is the last century in the industry is relatively common fixed fittings; but with the two-piece tube clip appears, slowly fade out of our sight, its main advantage is simple to install only required to support the crimping machine can be.

Hose clamps:
Hose clamps, clamp we compare the distribution system is a common fixture, you can use practical, affordable, and effort to briefly summarize these six words. Ultra-low cost is one reason for such pipe clamps favored, but lacking the use of high-pressure job.

HVAC Pipe holders are usually used in the field of HVAC air conditioner ventilation.It requires insulation function and anti-vibration function.

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