Fire resistant fabric,Anti Flame Fabric Cloth, Fireproof fiberglass

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Fire resistant fabric,Anti Flame Fabric Cloth, Fireproof fiberglass

Fire resistant fabric,Anti Flame Fabric Cloth, Fireproof fiberglass

Description: The basic cloth has good performance of corrosion resistance and high temperature fire resistance,double layers with silicon rubber coating.Used between -70℃ and 280℃.With good insulation performance,permittivity is 3-3.2,breakdown voltage is 20-50KV/MM;resistant to ozone,oxygen,light,water,oil,heat,cold and other complicated outdoor weather condition,service life can reach 10years.

Material: fiber cloth with silicon rubber coating.

Application: Protected material when welding;Fire resistant curtain;Other anti-flame field;electronic insulation;air duct soft connector;materials of corrosion resistance;

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.Accept 1pc as minimium order.

Order or Inquiry on “Fire resistant fabric,Anti Flame Fabric Cloth, Fireproof fiberglass
Models and details

Green Type,double sides with Silicon titanium coating:

green Fire resistant fabric

Grey Type,double sides with PVC fire-resistant coating:

grey anti fire soft fabric clothing

Red Type,double sides with Silicon titanium coating:

red anti flame fabric cloth

Buying Guide to “Fire resistant fabric,Anti Flame Fabric Cloth, Fireproof fiberglass”
  • The items listed above is available for retail and wholesale;
  • Available with three colors: green,grey,and red;
  • Wide: 1 meter; Long with roll state;
  • Enough stock to have a quick delivery time;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery,or by air delivery;
  • More types of  Fire resistant fabric,Anti Flame Fabric Cloth are not displayed on the web.If the item above doesn`t meet your requirement,please contact us to email: sale@smartclima.com ,we can supply a favourite item you need.
General Knowledge on Fire resistant,Fireproof

Fireproof as a special industry, special types of protective fabrics, divided into silicone rubber coated fiberglass cloth, basalt fiber fireproof cloth, fireproof acrylic cotton fiber, Nomex fireproof, SM fireproof, fireproof blue fiberglass, aluminum foil fireproof cloth. General said fireproof fabric is flame retardant, that flame burning only fabric, flame retardant high-grade fireproof cloth can be called, for example: fireproof glass, basalt fiber fireproof. Silicone rubber coated fiberglass cloth is a high temperature, corrosion, high-strength glass fiber cloth, silicone rubbers by rolling or dipping together, is a high performance, multi-composite materials and new products.

USA CA117 fire safety standards
USA CA117 fire at one time the United States, a widely used standard does not require washing after testing for the majority of US exports of textiles. CA117 and CA117 new standard for comparing the old standard, but has not yet announced a new standard specifically what time is used. (1) This standard has been 30 years of use, since the standard has great practical value, so be prepared to complete the partial replenishment After the United States to promote. (2) The standard is the cause of the fire occurred after the full study, developed from the reality, and therefore more scientific. The test is a cigarette smoldering ignition sources (smoldering) test, mimic and imitate test matches to ignite a certain amount of newspaper ignition test, in line with the actual foam fire scene. (3) The test targets a more intuitive, less investment in test equipment, easy to operate, companies can carry out inspection and testing during production and shipment. (4) In the classification, for less demanding applications, it is recommended to use old California CA117 criteria, and for demanding applications, suggested the new California standards (new standards to improve the vertical burning index and adds a certain amount of imitation newspapers ignited butane gas flame test).

British Standard BS5852 Fire resistance
Applications: upholstered furniture Background: BS5852 Published can be divided in accordance with the standard test on the first part, the two parts of the fire source number 0 – 1979 and released on the 1st ignition sources are defined. Prior to testing the same time, must be tested after 30 minutes flooding. – 1990 supplemental flammability standards for testing standards on the 2nd to the 7th ignition sources are defined.

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8 Comments  to  Fire resistant fabric,Anti Flame Fabric Cloth, Fireproof fiberglass

  1. Rachel says:

    Hi how much is one order? How much material is in one order?

  2. Ani says:

    Hi I have a question – I would like to know if your fire proof fabrics will withstand being side by side a burning glass cooktop?

  3. Mariam says:

    hello , i have a question is this fabric easy to clean ? if i write something in it will it be easy to clean ? i have a business in building tents and sometimes i face problems where it get dirty or someone crazy write or draw on them so its hard to clean them and i am looking for a fabric which is safe and easy to clean. if its cleanable please advice me how ??

  4. Luis Gomes says:

    Hi,I`d like to know the difference betwwen Fireproof cloth and Fire extinguishing cloth?Are they same material?

    • admin-smartclima says:

      Fireproof cloth,used in special industry as special types of protective fabrics, are divided into silicone rubber coated fiberglass cloth, fireproof basalt fiber, acrylic fiber fireproof, NOMEX fireproof, SM fireproof, blue fiberglass fireproof, fireproof aluminum foil and so on. In general, fireproof fabric is flame retardant, that flame burning only fabrics, high temperature stand 230 ℃,low temperature stand -70 ℃ , resistant yo ozone, oxygen, light and weathering,has very good excellent weatherability field use;

      Extinguishing fabric is a very soft texture of a fire apparatus, fire extinguishing cloth is a possible protective fabrics, including mesh inner and outer temperature of the fire, with edging wrap sewing as a whole. When used, the source of fire extinguishing cloth covering the surface, instantly extinguishing fire.In the initial stages of a fire, with the fastest non- oxygen to barrier fire, control the spread of the disaster,it is also used as an object of protection with a timely escape.In a commen family house, as long as wrap a commen blanket on the body, due to the feature of aniti-fire and insulation of blanket itself, and during escape, the human body can be well protected.

  5. Jo****ns says:

    Please advise price and delivery for the anti-fire flexible connector fabric cloth with 2 meter wide and 10meter long.Please show any minimum orders, freight charges etc. when quoting.

    • admin-smartclima says:

      Hello,thanks for your inquiry on our fire resistant fabric cloth.Our saleman has contacted you by email with price sheet.Thank you.

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