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A light commercial compressors

EMBRACO China factory recently started producing compressors developed for commercial refrigeration products, the first product designed for commercial freezers and stereo display cabinet design, called EMT series compressors.

It is reported that EMT EM production series compressors. Responsible for EMBRACO commercial refrigeration products marketing Andr é Holderbaum said: “through EMT EM production series compressors are efficient, small size and low noise characteristics, also compatible with R134a R290 refrigerant. ”

Holderbaum said that in recent years, Chinese exports of commercial refrigeration products is on the rise, EMBRACO was concerned. He said: “commercial refrigeration compressor products locally in China are put into operation, we will enhance the level of service, making our service more flexible, while monitoring the trends of the market. ”

Brushless DC motor for air conditioning in Wolong reached advanced level of similar products

A few days ago, from Wolong electric group control Office was informed that the new product development, the company developed plastic-sealed brushless DC motor for air conditioning has successfully entered the production phase. Proven, new efficiency, noise, vibration and other performance parameters have reached the advanced level of similar foreign products.

It was also noted that, DC motor for air conditioning in Wolong is preparing for mass production, current DC motor production plant has been completed, the debugging work completed, is expected to formally put into production in late September 2009, initial design capacity of 100,000 units a month later according to the demand of the market due to enlarge. In addition, the Wolong DC motor test samples have been sent to major customers, feedback is more ideal.

Welling wash motor sales in the first half of this year grew by 15%

Has learned the first half of 2009, welling wash motor sold about 4.628 million, exports about 3.209 million units, overall sales last year rose by about 15%. Under the influence of changes in overall market demand, welling wash motor sales change in the structure of the first half of 2009, washing motor sales rose 89%, drum-type washing machine motor 14%. In order to ensure the washing Motors business development, Wellington and actively promote new products, the first half of 2009 into the food processing small series motor products industry, the successful development of motor and large volume sales of soy milk. But the impact as well as falling commodity prices product sales, welling wash motor a turnover of HK $ 687 million, down by 12%.

Ruizhi 2010 plans to produce 400,000 sets of compressor

Recently, ruizhi compressor got the news that the 2010 ruizhi inverter compressor is scheduled to produce 400,000, mostly in mainland China, a few from China’s Taiwan factory. City’s products are mainly for Japan and air conditioning in city markets.

XI An Qingan: 2009 Annual compressor frozen sales of 1.314 million units

Has learned the 2009 frozen year Xian Qing an air conditioning compressor 1.314 million set. In addition, XI An Qingan achieved new progress in developing energy efficient products, a new series high-efficiency products have matches completed, starting from September 2009 bulk supply.

Sichuan Changhong high efficiency air conditioner compressor production

Recently learned that, Sichuan Changhong has begun mass production of energy-efficient air conditioning compressors. According to CHANGHONG in charge, this new models now account for CHANGHONG 30% of the purchase, the future is expected to reach 70%.

Ling Da compressor full production

Recently, gree owned Landa compressor was informed that in August 2009, the company has been producing at full capacity in September, Ling Da compressor more demand. Now Ling Da has been reported to stop production energy efficiency class 3 compressor, all to produce more than 2 levels of energy efficiency products.

Danfoss financial crisis led to the first half of 2009 decreased performance

A few days ago, Danforth released its 2009 financial report in the first half. According to the report, the first half of 2009, Danfoss sales of 12.5 billion Denmark kroner (about 16.816 billion yuan), up 10%, excluding other income and expenses profit loss of 660 million, Denmark krone, first half of 2008, the figures for profit of 693 million Denmark Krone.

Danfoss expects net sales for the year to 24 billion to 25 billion Denmark kroner pretax profit forecast to-1.6 billion Denmark kroner to-1.9 billion Denmark kroner.

Mini “tanks” step into duct air conditioning for cleaning work

  One-foot-square box, two swivel webcam, at the foot of “push off” with two tracks, the small “tanks” look like small robots that are dedicated to clean central air conditioning. Yesterday, two small “tanks” Carrefour South third ring shops started opening soon central air conditioner for a three-day “bath”.

Carrefour South third ring road store has been completed, and before the end of the opening Welcome, in accordance with the relevant requirements, large supermarket opened to a centralized before cleaning, clearing the construction waste generated in the course of construction, yesterday, Carrefour South third ring road store cleaning central air “heavy responsibility” falls on two small “tanks” on the body.

9th when the morning came to Carrefour, Central fresh company workers are a small “tanks” placed in a duct, then the negative pressure machines have also been installed in the wind on a level crossing, the small “tanks” who monitors connections and worker around the camera well, everything’s in place, the small “tanks” with a big brush work.

Seen from the monitor to, large brush began to WHIR, each sweeping a Department worker on command the camera this way and that visits, to see where there is no sweep, immediately directed the small “tanks” run to sweep up. This small “tanks” “swish swish” sweep, side wind crossing the negative pressure machines “WHIR” smoking and in a short time, more than 20 metres long duct cleaning, reporter asked the workers to open the trash, just more than 20 meters long tunnel has been swept out of the lime sludge and other construction debris, is 342.

“This is just the completion of construction, central air conditioning in the dirt is still relatively simple. “Jin Shiyou central air conditioning clean industry company Chairman Huang Jingyue told reporters that if used architecture, central air conditioning in the dirt” variety “. RJ047

Expert view

Air conditioning cleaning on a regular basis far more power

In accordance with the relevant provisions of public buildings once every two years to central air conditioning clean, but nearly 20,000 public buildings in Beijing, do central air conditioning clean less than 3,000. “Central air conditioner cleaning time you need to spend a hundred thousand of dollars, but the ‘ wash ‘ after air conditioning efficiency can save electricity 5% to 8%. “Wang Dongzhan international trade construction industry branch of China building clean-Commission Secretary-General, told reporters that cleaning fee that a hundred thousand of dollars to spread on the floor area, only 4 Yuan per square meter or so; but at least tens of thousands of square meters of public buildings, central air conditioning uses electricity has a hundred thousand of Yuan a year, regular cleaning of air-conditioning electricity savings of at least tens of thousands of dollars a year.

Air-source heat pump water heater working principle and characteristics

Air source heat pumps gas water heaters, electric water heaters and water heaters are the second generation of solar water heater hot water units, is to replace the boiler heating water equipment. Air source heat pump water heater is the comprehensive advantages of electric water heater and solar water heater safety energy saving and environmentally friendly water heaters can operate around the clock 365 days a year, making the same amount of hot water, using cost only one-fourth of the electric water heaters, gas water heater one-third solar water heater one-second. High thermal efficiency is greatest features and advantages of air source heat pump water heater, energy issues become the world’s problem, which is an air source heat pump water heater “fourth-generation water heater” one of the most important magic weapon. One. Air source hot pump water heater work principle air source hot pump water heater within designed reset a endothermic media–cold media, it in liquefied of State below 0℃-20℃, and outside temperature exists with temperature, so, cold media can absorption outside of heat, in evaporator internal evaporation vaporization, through air source hot pump water heater in the compressor of work improve cold media of temperature, again through condensation device makes cold media from vaporization State conversion for liquefied state, in conversion process in the, release out large of heat, passed to tank in the of reserves water, makes water temperature increased, Achieve the purpose of the water heater.   System air source heat pump Central hot water units generally consists of a compressor, condenser, evaporator, orifice, filter, tank, condensation pressure regulating valve, check valve, solenoid valve, tank and other parts. System schematic
Working principle:
1. Low temperature and low pressure refrigerant expansion agencies after the throttle, evaporate into the air switch heat, absorb large amounts of heat from the air Q1.
2. After evaporation endothermic of refrigerant in gaseous form into the compressor, compressed, becomes a hot, high-pressure refrigerant (refrigerant contained in the heat at this time is divided into two parts: one is the Q1 of heat absorbed from the air, some enter the compressor power is converted into heat in the compressed refrigerant Q2 .
3. Is compressed with a high temperature and high pressure refrigerants into the heat exchanger, its calorie (Q1+Q2) release into the cold water in the heat exchanger, cold water is heated to 55 degrees Celsius (up to 65 deg c) directly into the thermal store available to users of the water tank.
4. After the heat of the refrigerant in a liquid form into the expansion mechanism, and throttle … … So uninterrupted loop. II, air source heat pump water heater has the following characteristic 1, large water: water tank capacity is tailored according to the specific requirements, adequate water to meet different customer needs at different times. 2, economic savings: get large amounts of energy from the air, energy efficiency ratio as high as 300%~400%. Set water heater run time automatically according to law, the fees are naturally saves.

The application range: no influence of climate, at an ambient temperature of-10 normally ¡æ ~43 ¡æ, can be widely used in households, hotels, hotels, schools, hospitals, dormitories, residential area, Jacuzzi, central heating. 4, enduring constant temperature using very simple, the entire water heater using automatic intelligent control system, users simply on initial use open the power, using completely automated process run at a later time, when the user-specified temperature is reached automatically shut down, below the temperature specified by the user when the system is up and running on their own, fully realized anytime there is hot water 24 hours a day and no waiting.  5, security and environmental protection: hydropower on the structure is completely separated, and without any harmful poisonous gases or combustion, not affected by the effects of natural disasters such as typhoons, is perfectly safe.  6, anti-freeze function: with intelligent defrosting function, and ensure the stable operation of the water heater is in low temperature environments, which according to the outdoor temperature, temperature of evaporator fins and running multiple parameters such as time, intelligent automatic entry and exit box. 7, easy installation: compact size: can be installed in any place, the installation does not occupy space in the room, can also be installed outdoors, such as roof and floor, open places, you can realize remote monitoring, small footprint, easy installation, no separate room. 8, long life, low maintenance costs, equipment performance and stability, service life of up to 15 years. Third, compared with conventional solar, air-source heat pump water heater advantage 1, investment has four aspects: who can attain the same water supply, funding of air source heat pump water heaters less than conventional solar products and economic power can be used, when the demand is low water reserves.    2, the use of: conventional solar products are significantly affected by the weather, rainy days, snowy day and night cannot work, and air-source heat pump water heater regardless of cloudy, rainy, snowy, or sunny can work as usual at night, hot water around the clock. 3, from the running costs of conventional solar power under the Sun, almost zero running cost, but in rainy and snowy day or night can only rely on the secondary system, statistics show, during normal use, annual power consumption than conventional solar-assisted system of air-source heat pump water heater total annual power consumption is 1.5 times higher. 4, the other functions: air-source heat pump water heater using not subject to location restrictions, can be placed anywhere, and small in footprint, while regular solar energy to achieve the same heating effect of consuming large space must also be laid open. And service life of up to 15 years, low maintenance costs, equipment performance and stability. Four, air source heat pump water heaters and boilers advantages compared to 1, high thermal efficiency: efficiency above the annual average of 300%, while the thermal efficiency of the boiler does not exceed 100%. 2, low running costs: fuel, gas-fired boilers, annual average section 70% of energy, coupled with lower prices and rising fuel prices, and the advantages of low operating costs have become increasingly prominent. 3, environmental protection: no combustion emissions of air-source heat pump water heater, refrigerant will use environmentally friendly refrigerants, zero pollution to the ozone layer, is a better environment-friendly products.   4, safe, no unattended: compared with the fuel boiler running is absolutely safe, and automatic control, no staff on duty, savings in staff costs. Five, hot water costs per ton compared with heating 1 ton of water, for example, water temperature by 15 degrees Celsius and heated to 55 ℃, 40000kcal of heat. Price electric water heater 40000kcal ÷ 817kcal/kWh=49.0kwhx0.6/kWh=29.4 40000kcal ÷ 7560kcal/kg=5.3kgx4/kg=21.2 Yuan liquefied petroleum gas natural gas Gas 40000kcal ÷ 40000kcal ÷ 6450kcal/M3=6.2m3x2.2/M3=13.64 Yuan 2660kcal/M3=15.0 M3x0.9 40000kcal ÷ 8670kcal/kg=4.6kgx4.6/kg=21.16 Yuan/M3=13.5 diesel boilers Coal 40000kcal ÷ 2752kcal/kg=14.5kgx0.52/kg=7.54 heat pump 40000kcal ÷ 3010kcal/kWh=13.3kwhx0.6/kWh=7.98 Note: the prices listed in the table are only for the purpose of calculating the reference price, the actual prices are subject to prevailing market prices all over. If the heat pump by peak and Valley electricity, electricity at lower per ton of hot water costs would also be reduced.

HVAC cryogenic liquid pump Failure cause and troubleshooting

Failure cause and troubleshooting, cryogenic liquid pumps:

Reason 1, the pump is activated, the outlet pressure rises on

⑴ does not match the direction of rotation of the impeller.
B pump not fully cooled, gas pump.

Exclude 1:

⑴ two-phase motor input line switch wiring
B cool and open the control valve or adjust the gas pressure.

Reason 2, pump head or flow insufficient.

⑴ the motor speed is insufficient.
B impeller blocked pipes.
C due to the seal pressure is too large, there is too much air into the pump.

Excluding 2:

⑴ increases speed.        B cleaning. C adjust the gas pressure.

Reason 3, liquid not indicating pressure jumping

⑴ unopened pipeline valves or piping resistance.
⑵ pipeline leak.

Excluding 3:

⑴ opening or cleaning. B repair

Reason 4, motor temperature rise.

⑴ motor problems.
B impeller ring has been wiped.
⑶ Labyrinth has been rubbed.

Exclude 4:

⑴ electrical repairs.         B adjust the clearance. C adjust the clearance.

Reason 5, stopping suddenly

⑴ chain of low gas pressure.
B bearing jammed inside.
Excluding 5:

⑴ adjustment pressures. B cleaning or replacement.

Reason 6, vibration or noise

⑴ the airframe and rotor misalignment.
B pump inlet pressure is too low cavitation arising or for any other reason.
C friction between moving parts and fixtures
⑷ rotor parts loose.

Excluding 6:

B ⑴ adjustment adjustment pressures, outgassing. D c correction test

II, a few liquid pump accident analysis

(1) the improvement put into initial regulation AR, drive West, AR pump, outlet pressure on how not to, using full cold, frequency is the highest, check the filter screen, wall insulation inspection, import and export pipe process, there is no effect, manufacturer commissioning personnel are also at a loss. Drive East, argon pump, pressure very quickly, is operating normally. Overhaul after PA towers, discovery West of argon pump inlet pipework is not reasonable, too many elbows, crude argon Tata II Kettle run low, imports argon pump NPSH is not up to the design value, outlet pressure does not go on. Inlet pipe reconstruction, reducing elbows. Restart, all is well.

(2) for AR pump outlet tube cracked at the top, stopping after repair, restart, argon pump found to be running soon, pressure falls, after heated Jet, and then start, and still is, Tata cauldron II liquids drain back fluid, argon pump still does not run correctly. At last the grilled argon pump cold box, remove the inlet strainer screen, problem is solved. Analysts believe that the II entered the perlite in the tower because: argon pump outlet tube top craze, after parking, leakage of perlite, again flows to the crude argon ⅰ top, heating by distillate gas pipeline flowing into the crude argon II Tower.
(3) the argon pump nitrogen gas began to use pressure, soon found that mixed gas discharge tube sealing system liquid discharge, analysts believe gas plug, using micro water pressure nitrogen Analyzer, found water near 1000PPm, which is due to nitrogen piston compressor cooling water leakage steel sleeve is not tight, cause to find the problem. Seal gas using instrument air, argon pump is operating normally.

(4) the first transformation, by cancellation of pure argon column flow, semen purity of trace nitrogen in argon have been unqualified, suspected to be caused by gas leakage study decided to seal gas switch to pump discharge pressure of argon argon, argon results semen still unqualified sealing gas reverted instrument air. Final phase II modification, the addition of pure argon column after semen argon qualified.

(5) in early August this year, running East ar pump found overnight, to switch to the argon pump starts, the speed can only moved to 2900 r/min, pump discharge pressure is about 0.58Mpa, liquid crude Argon is not playing I top. Electrician after consultation with the manufacturer, to refit the converter, speed up to 3600 r/min, pump discharge pressure up to 0.8Mpa, smooth scored first the top of the liquid.

Third, liquid pump suddenly stops the effects of air separation system

Liquid oxygen pumps for use in liquid oxygen adsorption of sudden stops have little effect on air separation systems, mainly to look for is safety, take main cooling liquid oxygen impurity analysis, enhanced liquid oxygen emissions, among other measures. Some liquid pump bursting stopped on empty points system effects is big, (1) no hydrogen business argon process in the of cycle rough liquid argon pump bursting stopped, rough argon condensation device still in work, liquefied of large liquid saved in rough argon II Tower bottom, cannot returned to rough argon ⅰ Tower participate in fine distillation, again returned to Shang Tower, such will makes rough argon ⅰ Tower Department containing oxygen quickly increased, main cold liquid oxygen liquid bit sharply reduced, main cold liquid oxygen liquid bit low a is not conducive to security; II is for hot area reduced, air eat not recently, oxygen production declined, makes main workers condition fluctuations is big. (2) the Tower up and down loop in a separate process in liquid oxygen pump suddenly stops, liquid oxygen and a lot of accumulated in the bottom of the Tower, go back to the main condenser will also cause the main cooling liquid oxygen level significantly lower results as above, and nitrogen can also occur. So for these two processes, the pump suddenly stopped, to quickly restore normal pumping, careful operation, ensuring a steady uninterrupted flow (hydrogen-free argon flow of liquid argon volume suddenly increases, it will pollute the main cooling liquid oxygen, oxygen purity down, even n. )。 (3) for internal compression process of liquid pump suddenly stopped, may affect the product the supply of oxygen, nitrogen and argon. Following experience of liquid argon pump pump operating on several points:

First reasonable of cycle argon pump process on pump of security run and the smooth pour pump is important, Figure 4 by shows process compared reasonable, each Taiwan argon pump each has a article independent of imports tube, to ensure to cold, and switching alternate pump Shi not effects run pump; filter device, and compensation device, and check back valve, and safety valve of set as Qian by said; addition argon pump export return pipeline cannot too fine, otherwise full return Shi pump of pressure high, not conducive to pump of security; heating valve to loaded in pump Hou, to guarantee heating Shi, can put filter device Shang of impurities blow except clean. An advanced process is, two pumps for liquids with a ready, low speed operation the backup pump is cold, when the primary pump failure after shutdown, standby pump running immediately, make the total device operation is not affected.

Right of pour pump operation is: on alternate pump for to cold, and started, as fifth items “centrifugal type liquid pump of started” by said for, must note of is, because to cold to consumption must of containing argon 98% around rough liquid argon, to rough argon ⅰ Tower Department Regulation valve will automatically shut small, rough argon ⅰ Tower of return than reduced, makes rough argon purity variable bad, trace oxygen rose, so, to cold Shi to corresponding reduced rough argon production, to keep purity stable. Spare pump starts after the stop running the pump immediately, being careful to ensure crude argon flow ⅰ Tower stable, do not fluctuate, otherwise it will affect the main tower operating mode. (From the Internet)

Air conditioning hot and cold water system design and configuration

With the rapid development of China’s iron and steel industry, central air conditioning system in steel plant has been widely used, central air condition relative to the split air conditioner has the following advantages:

① Central air conditioning operation management flexibility, and running costs than split air conditioners, central air conditioning refrigeration station can directly control the start and stop time of refrigerator and cooling capacity size can be adjusted according to climate change to reduce operating cost.

II central air conditioning can guarantee deliveries to the room, and keep the room empty with the rapid development of China’s iron and steel industry, central air conditioning system in steel plant has been more widely used.

Central air conditioning in relation to split air conditioner has the following advantages:

① Central air conditioning operation management flexibility, and running costs than split air conditioners, central air conditioning refrigeration station can directly control the start and stop time of refrigerator and cooling capacity size can be adjusted according to climate change to reduce operating cost.

II central air conditioning can guarantee deliveries to the room, and keep the room air clean and sanitary. Split air conditioning only through doors, Windows, ventilation and fresh air ventilators, cooling capacity loss, which affects not only the room temperature, and a waste of energy.

③ Central air-conditioning fault less maintenance. Central air conditioning both for air conditioning units and air duct system or room fan-coil and fresh air system, were prone to failure, and refrigeration equipment are located within the cooling station, easy to repair. Split air conditioner split unit air conditioner all over everywhere, refrigeration compressors are not only plentiful but dispersed, a fault can hardly begin to repair their good.

④ air conditioning noise less than split air conditioning. Central air-conditioning retro-fitting noise reduction device to reduce noise, and split air conditioning compressor air conditioning rooms close, it is difficult to achieve noise reduction measures.

⑤ Central air conditioning ends form beautiful diverse, can and decoration construction close tie, pipeline and equipment are can hidden in ceiling within, guarantee building of beautiful, save indoor of using space; but points body air conditioning of wind cold type outdoor machine must scattered of hanging outside wall Shang or loaded Yu outdoor ground Shang, effects outside decoration effect, and indoor machine is must hanging in within wall Shang or placed in ground, and occupy has indoor space, this virtually reduced has room of area.

⑥ Central air conditioning air-conditioning condensation water can be concentrated at the end of discharge, but split air conditioner air conditioner layout scattered, condensate discharge is not easy to deal with.

For these reasons, using central air conditioning system is feasible in the steel mills, steel mills in the central air-conditioning system in relation to civil architecture has the following characteristics: ① steel mill air conditioner users scattered within air conditioning comparison many types of user, how to design air conditioning pipes to solve hydraulic maladjustment of air conditioning user, it is especially important to meet the needs of different users. ② steel pipes are quite complex, criss-crossing the network configuration as much as possible the economic compact is worth exploring, including outdoor insulation for hot and cold water piping practices is important, improper practices will directly affect the results. ③ Mills within the air conditioner user input to use at different times, air conditioning load change is big, take fully into account the unit automatically adjusts to changes in load.

Here two aspects from air conditioning machine rooms and air conditioning line to discuss steel plants in the air conditioning design should pay attention to the problem in order for your reference.

1, room design configurations

1.1 selection and configuration of chillers

Mills central air conditioning cold water unit of select should full considered factory within of energy configuration situation, for most Mills,, steelmaking and other process process will produced large of steam, from energy of angle for, in air conditioning cold water unit of select Shang should as considered using this part steam, so for has extra steam of mills, in cold water unit of select Shang should priority selection steam type bromide of lithium cold water unit, for same refrigeration volume of steam type bromide of lithium refrigerator group and electric refrigerator group,, Lithium bromide unit can be saving around 98%.

For chiller number option should try to avoid using a single machine, and in cases where conditions allow, can choose two or more of the chiller, which does not take into account the standby unit, and in the case of load changes, you can turn off some chillers, saving on running costs, you can make the unit run at a higher COP values. Chillers and chilled water pumps in ways corresponding to one by one can be used, such as limited by room size, more than one may be used independent chillers and chilled water pumps arranged in parallel. This arrangement has its obvious advantages in simplicity, and convenience, but should pay attention to in this way in the case of partial air-conditioning cooling load, part of the chiller in a closed state, if management operational management negligence, no chiller stopped running the pipeline valve closes, then freezing water bypass flow phenomenon occurs. Bypass flow will affect the efficiency of water chillers in cold water, reduce the COP values of chillers. If air-conditioning cooling load demand ends on the other hand, require an additional number of chillers, managers are required to timely, timely and open an additional pipeline valve in water chiller, the operations management is clearly in trouble. Most economic measures to resolve this conflict is introduced in the chiller piping electric butterfly valve. Electric butterfly valve, water chillers and chilled water pumps, cooling water pump designed to operate the chain controls, so you can in the largest energy-consuming air conditioning system part is saving the most promising region in the control of intelligent, most economic investment, the most energy-efficient and convenient management.

1.2 refrigeration pump selection and configuration

Large central air conditioning chilled water system, with the change of air conditioning cooling load, use cold water units, number of air conditioning chilled water pumps in the wake of changes in and flow of air conditioning cooling water system pipe network has changed, which caused water pipe network resistance to change. In low load run situation Xia, especially air conditioning cold pumps only needs single Taiwan run Shi, air conditioning cold water system full load and low load run Shi water resistance difference is big, this led to low load Shi air conditioning cold pumps Super flow run, its run work points may jumped out of economic regional, then caused motor efficiency of reduced, while pumps run power consumption of increased, so in only single Taiwan pumps run of workers condition Xia, very easy occurred motor overload burned of accident. So design in the cannot only note has more Taiwan pumps of rated State points can meet pipeline calculation requirements, also must attention air conditioning low load Shi run State points changes by raised of problem, and take necessary of solution measures, solution method has two species, a is frozen pumps used frequency technology, that parallel run of each pump in the, a Taiwan pump used frequency pump, it as low load Shi single Taiwan pumps run of fixed pump, in system Super flow Shi, the pump reduced running frequency, system of flow also with reduced, Chilled water pump by using frequency conversion technology is a system variable flow of energy-saving technologies. Another solution is to export of each pump fitted with a current-limiting valve, it can pump to prevent the backflow, replacing the traditional non-return valve, and can play a role in limiting flow of the working pump. The valve head can set a control, when the pump head is below the control valve closing motion lift so that actual working head increase, prevent motor in low-lift pump, high flow, low efficiency occurs when overload. This way for the first way, energy-saving effect is poor, but it would reduce investment, the system is easier to manage.

1.3 side pipeline control room accessories set

Pressure gauges, and thermometers are set for air conditioning water system in the engine room of the side part is particularly important, with pressure gauge readings can judge the hydraulic conditions of the water system is normal, with the thermometer settings can initially determines if the water flows through the pipeline to meet the requirements. Recommended in the backwater dry pipe into each set water separator should be installed until a thermometer, by observing the temperature thermometer can accurately grasp the distribution of cooling load. Large temperature difference between the way the valves can be opened, small temperature difference branch of the valve opening can be adjusted smaller. Each water tube thermometer, operation managers to cooling load distribution of intuitive control system.
1.4 system with constant pressure and water

Setting system pressure device to enable the system to the operating voltage to ensure the system does not empty, no vaporization. General central air conditioning system pressure points are located at the entrance to chilled water pumps on the backwater dry pipe, so you can make the pump produces pressure in the system has been an appropriate distribution. Current heating and air-conditioning system with constant pressure supply water main expansion tank water at constant pressure, filling pumps constant pressure supply water, gas constant pressure tank with fill water pumps constant pressure supply water, and so on. Expansion tank pressure water is most economical and easiest way, so now heavily used in civil construction, but the expansion tank must be located at the highest point of the system, iron, air conditioner users scattered, distance from maximum air conditioning facilities tend to be long, the expansion tank is difficult to decorate, management is not convenient, high limits the application of the water tank. Small pump pressure continuous make-up water system, its pressure is formed by filling the tank, fill the pump and the regulator, while the system is running, through the pressure regulator function, make small pump continuous replenishment of water leakage is compatible with the system so as to maintain the system of hydrodynamic curve, but this constant pressure, which normally takes continuous operation, low power consumption. Using pressure tank combines fill pumps of set pressure fill water device in steel industry in the was large using, it main by fill pumps, and diaphragm type pressure jug, and safety valve, and electric contact pressure table and electromagnetic valve composition, it of work principle following: Dang system prepared run Shi, opened fill pumps, water was sent to tube network of while also was sent to pressure jug of water room, water room expanded and will tank within of gas compression, tank within of pressure with of increased, Dang pressure increased to Supreme work pressure Shi (System Supreme points and set pressure points Zhijian of high poor plus 3~5mH2O), pumps stopped turned, system has full water, using pressure tank within of pressure to maintained tube network of pressure, dang system run process in the, due to system leaking or water temperature change led to system water volume reduced Shi, pressure tank within of water room narrowed, tank within gas expansion, pressure reduced, dang pressure reduced to system minimum work pressure Shi (System Supreme points and set pressure points Zhijian of high poor plus 1mH2O), pumps opened, System for filling water. Installations in the pressure gauge and the solenoid valve is a safety device, when overpressure, and through the pressure gauge and solenoid valve the excess water out of the system. Pressure tanks with pumps constant pressure supply water compensation device device selection and calculation procedure is as follows:

1.5 fill pump selection

System within of water, dang for hot or hot and cold dual-use Shi, should used softening water, dang softening water pressure cannot directly for into tank Shi, should another set pumps fill water, fill pumps of automatically fill water can by system cycle water of 1% considered, accident fill water by system cycle water of 3% considered, directly fill into cycle pumps of entrance, fill pumps of head should by fill water points and system Supreme points of high poor plus 3~5mH2O of rich volume considered.

1.6 selection of pressure tank

Maximum working pressure of the pressure tank should be greater than the small pump head.

Volume of the tank tank water volume should be selected, the tank water volume should be selected according to the volume of the expansion tank, and that the volume of water inside the tank should be able to accommodate the expansion of the water system.

Indoor machine loop heat pipe (temperature 25℃) 7.8

Outdoor mechanical loop heat pipe (temperature 25℃) 5.8

Internal machinery for cold (temperature 5 ℃) or cool-31.2

Outdoor mechanical circulatory cooling system (temperature 5 ℃) or cool-23.2

Boiler 2~5

Refrigeration of shell-and-tube evaporator 1

Steam-water or water-water heat exchanger 1

Cooling coil (hot and cold coil 1)

2, air-conditioning piping design configurations

2.1 main steelmaking plant in air-conditioning pipe configuration

With drive system than ISO drive system hydraulic workers condition more stable, flow distribution also more uniform, conducive to air conditioning water system of hydraulic balance, steel plant within of air conditioning competent line more is along plant column column line layout, so is easy take with program system (as figure by shows), but each air conditioning user due to distance air conditioning competent line of distance different, indoor layout situation different, hard used with program of layout (as Figure user 1~4 of indoor pipeline), Best solution for this is pressing economic specific frictional resistance determine the one farthest from the air conditioning in the mainline pressure loss pressure loss of the largest user, according to pressure loss to determine the other loops of pipe diameter, this allows flow of air conditioning in each user’s assigned demand, decreased workload. The pipeline inside the air conditioner users such as unconditional direct return scheme can be used, the terminal can be adjusted using a manual valve balancing valve.

2.2 main steelmaking workshop air conditioning pipeline configuration

General outdoor insulation pipe overhead laying trench for laying, laying three, overhead laying enterprise application often works in a factory, but some users relatively far from air conditioning facilities, as a good chunk of overhead piping, tends to affect the plant’s overall layout and affect the plant’s appearance. Addition regional heating for cold engineering often due to outdoor underground pipeline staggered and to set, common of underground pipeline has strong, and weak, and to drainage, and gas,, national specification on species pipeline set spacing has specific requirements, various outdoor pipeline should as reduced respective underground occupies space and will respective relationship straighten out, regional underground tube network party can effective implementation, this aspects straight buried than trench laying superior. Simple and sophisticated technology on engineering practice of application of polyurethane direct-buried pipes were analyzed and compared.

2.2.1 the structure and characteristics of thermal insulation direct-buried pipe

Prefabricated directly buried insulating pipe caused by the medium of steel pipes, coats, tube and pipe, and the outer casing is filled between the hydrophobic and made of non-combustible insulation layer of polyurethane combined prefabrication of pipe, insulation foam keep it closely together and the outer casing. Because direct-buried pipes, insulation and floor live loads directly under the pipeline and at the same time affected by ground moisture and groundwater, so insulation direct-buried pipes in waterproofing, anti-corrosion and high performance in terms of mechanical strength requirements and, therefore, only a buried pipe construction cost is high. But because of its comprehensive low cost, simple construction and trench laying compared savings volume of earthwork, concrete, brick works, construction schedule shortened by more than half. And actually not only directly buried insulating pipeline insulation effect, lower total cost, and in the case of strictly according to the requirements, thermal insulation of the physical Anatomy after six years service life analysis and artificial ageing tests confirmed in more than 15 years, and trench laying pipe insulation insulation material rock wool or cotton centrifugal 3-5 generally needs to be replaced again. To sum up, directly buried insulating pipe in heat preservation performance, investment, construction, maintenance and day-to-day running costs were a big lead.

2.2.2 design of directly buried insulating pipe

Because of the air conditioning with the maximum hot water temperature of 60 degrees centigrade, the lowest temperature was 7 degrees centigrade, so direct-buried under too much stress will not. General direct-buried pipes, seamless steel tubes or Q235 tube, material for the 20th, at 15 ° c above the temperature when installed directly buried heat-supply pipeline (<100 degrees) do not need to take any measures without installing pipelines buried underground in the form of compensation (without fixed bearing and compensator), the safe operation of the pipeline can be achieved. Therefore, for district heating and cooling (<100 ℃ water systems) installed without compensation is in the form of convenience, safety and economy. No-compensate directly-buried is friction between the soil and the outer sleeve fixed pipe. Piping finish laying should be preheated before covering pipe and pipelines without having to set compensator, usually don’t need fixed bracket. In order to reduce costs, while preheating water test. Of regional cooling and heating pipeline features tubes medium temperature is not high (<100), working pressure <1.0MPa, but the pipeline is long, straight sections are often hundreds of meters long. Friction is much larger than the thermal stress of the soil, occurred in the middle of the straight section “anchoring”, anchorage-side critical sections to stress checking so that it meets the allowable stress of steel. Use without compensation installation of directly buried heat-supply pipeline’s horizontal elbows, tees, stress concentration. At design time, and should stress calculation, select the appropriate pressure level of elbows and tees. In General, the supply and return water pipes for air conditioning, for safety’s sake, the choice of elbows and tees can be taken into account when using a pressure rating higher than the pipeline.

3, conclusion

1, central air conditioning system for steel mill hosts option, configuration should take full account of the plant’s energy situation, where there are rich steam, preference should be given-steam lithium bromide unit;

Air conditioner users within 2, for steel mills are scattered with expandable tank constant pressure supply water is more difficult, can be combined with pressure tank fill pump with constant pressure water supply equipment

3, factory air-conditioning in main line layout should be used with the program. Air conditioning design of user should be established in accordance with economic specific frictional resistance a farthest from the air conditioning in the mainline pressure loss is the largest user of pressure loss, according to pressure loss to determine the other loops of pipe diameter;

4, for district heating and cooling pipe of directly buried insulating pipeline can be used without compensation, it should be noted the “anchoring, and elbows, tees and other stress-calculation of stress concentration.

Refrigeration maintenance tips

As we all know, the life of the appliance has a certain, best home appliance, and may never use. However, we can take some measures, to extend the life of electrical appliances, do best. As a professional appliance and refrigeration repair business, we Northern waste recycling company customer service staff to receive customers ‘ questions. Then, as the refrigeration appliance, in fact, as long as you can do several things, you can easily extend the lifespan of the appliance.

First, not for the sake of power and frequently turn on appliances, often do the exact opposite actually.
Second, keep the condenser and evaporator clean, washing will enhance the effect of electrical refrigeration.
Third, do not get too close to the radiator from the wall, so as not to heat does not go out.
IV, while moving the appliance tilted no more than 45 degrees.

Simple four-note that you can easily protect your refrigeration equipment, life tips like this a lot, just waiting for you lot find. Other questions, you can also go directly to our northern waste recycling company customer service consulting, your support and concern, is our unremitting efforts to move.

Application of energy-saving of central air conditioning in the Villa decoration

Home improvement have become increasingly demanding in today’s society, especially decoration of luxury villas. In the application of energy-saving central air-conditioning in Villa decoration, ground-source heat pump for its energy-saving, environmentally friendly, comfortable and practical advantages in recent years are starting to prevail, as Wo Fu of which have been outstanding ground-source heat pumps are widely used and accepted.
Wo Fu with Earth, ground-source heat pumps are stored solar energy as heat and cold sources, heating refrigeration and air conditioning systems for energy conversion. It works through the source media as heat source of heat pump heating system in the winter and cooling in summer Leng Yuanlai play a role. In the winter, heat from the source media to “draw out”, increase after temperature cycling mediums, for people to heat in summer, out of indoor heat, released into the source media, and by the original store.
Ground source heat pump heating and cooling relative to the other device, and has unparalleled advantages:
1, the use of renewable resources. Ground-source heat pump using the underground is stored solar energy, solar energy is a renewable resource and inexhaustible.
2, environmental benefits. Operation without any pollution of ground-source heat pump unit can be built in a residential area, no burning, no smoke, no waste. Pollutant emissions compared to the air-source heat pump, equivalent to 40% per cent reduction, compared with electric heating, the equivalent of less than 70%. Can improve the community environment, reducing the urban heat island effect.
3, energy efficiency, low running cost. Ground source heat pump by entering a small amount of energy, achieved in shallow layer and heat pump transfers between media. Or shallow layer geothermal resources temperature steady all year round, this temperature characteristics than traditional ground-source heat pump air conditioning system efficiency higher, 40%, so to save energy and save operating costs about 40%.
4, automatic operation and long service life. Mechanical moving parts it is very little, and all the parts are not buried in the ground is installed indoors, to avoid the harsh outdoor climate, its underground parts guarantees that 50 of above-ground can ensure 30, ground source heat pump is maintenance-free air conditioning, saving maintenance costs and make your investment can be recovered in about 3 years.
5, no machines, no noise, and is widely used outside. Ground-source heat pump is installed outside, runs without noise, a machine with: heating in winter and cooling in summer as well as provide hot water all year round.
In the case of world energy generally is getting short, ground-source heat pump of air-conditioning energy saving and environmental protection as one of the most novel products, in various parts of Europe and North America were heavily promoted. China’s Government has begun promoting energy saving and environmentally friendly building products and ground-source heat pumps for energy, China and the United States Department of energy cooperation to introduce excellent products.

Air conditioning knowledge

Air conditioning air conditioner (room air conditioner), suspension type AC is a region of space (normally closed) for handling air unit. It is the function of the room (or enclosed spaces, regional) cleanliness of air temperature, humidity, and air velocity and other parameters be adjusted to satisfy human comfort or process requirements.
Works  hung air conditioning compressors the gaseous refrigerant is compressed for high temperature and high pressure liquid refrigerant, and then sent to the condenser (outside unit) after cooling at ambient temperature and high pressure liquid refrigerant, so the outdoor unit is blowing out hot air.
Then to capillary, entered evaporator (indoor machine), due to refrigeration agent from capillary arrived evaporator Hou space suddenly increases, pressure reduces, liquid of refrigeration agent on will vaporization, into gaseous cryogenic of refrigeration agent, thereby absorption large of heat, evaporator on will changed cold, indoor machine of fan will indoor of air from evaporator in the blowing had, so indoor machine blowing out of is cold; air in the of steam encountered cold of evaporator Hou on will condensation into drops, along pipes stream out, this is air conditioning will water of causes.
Then continue to compress the refrigerant back to the compressor in gaseous, continuing to loop.
When heating uses a four-way valve parts, the direction of flow of the refrigerant in the condenser and evaporator and cooling time, therefore when outdoor heat is blowing cold air, the indoor unit is blowing hot air.
Is liquefaction in junior high school physics learning (from gas to liquid) to be discharged when the heat and evaporation (from liquid to gas) to absorb heat when works.
Air conditioning function
1, cooling
In the design and manufacture of air conditioners, generally allow temperature control between 16~32℃. If the temperature setting is too low, add unnecessary power consumption on the one hand, caused when a large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor on the other hand, people in and out of the room cannot quickly adapt to variations in temperature, easy to catch cold.
2, dehumidification
During the process of cooling with dehumidification of air conditioners. People feel comfortable relative humidity should be at about 40~60%, when the relative humidity is too large, such as 90%, even if the temperature within the comfort zone, the impression remains poor.
3, heating
Heat pump type air conditioner with electric heat up function. Outdoor environmental temperature drops progressively smaller warming ability, if temperatures ranging from-5 ° c can hardly meet the heating requirements.
4, purify air
Containing a certain amount of harmful gases in the air such as NH3, SO2, etc, as well as all kinds of sweat, body odor and the bathrooms stink, stench.
Air conditioner cleaning methods are: move to fresh air, filter and Photocatalyst using activated carbon adsorption and absorption, and so on.
A, for fresh air using fan system drain the Interior moist air toward the outdoor, indoor form a certain degree of negative pressure, fresh air from around the door, the window seam into the rooms, improved indoor air quality.
B, light catalyst: light exposure can be regenerated adsorption (collection), nicotine, ammonia release harmful substances such as acetic acid, hydrogen sulfide, and reusable.
5, increasing air anion concentration
Size the charged particles in the air, harmful to human comfort.   Air negative ion generator to increase installed on Aero-anion concentration, making the environment more comfortable, while lowering blood pressure, suppress asthma have some medical benefits. Significance of air conditioning nameplates such as model: KFR-26GW
K: representatives of household air conditioner
F: split air conditioning (c: on behalf of window-type air conditioning)
R: the heat pump heating function (no r represents the form cold air conditioning, d for auxiliary heating function)
26: this figure represents the rated cooling capacity
G: wall mounted air conditioning (l on behalf of floor-standing air conditioner, which is commonly referred to as cabinet)
W: split outdoor unit
Energy efficiency ratio: 2.99
Energy efficiency ratio is the ratio of rated power and rated cooling capacity, bigger is better. Current state regulations of household air conditioner EER 2.6-3.4, is divided into five levels, levels are the best, that is, energy efficiency ratio at 3.24-3.4 per cent belong to the level of the most energy-efficient air conditioning products.
Rated cooling capacity: 2700W
We usually say about 2200W-2600W 1 HP rated cooling capacity of air conditioning or so.
Rated heat: 3000W (3600W)
Rated number of Gevas, in brackets indicates maximum number of Gevas.
Rated power: cooling 903W
Heating 920W (1520W)
This is what we usually call a power consumption, kW/hour. Heating power is indicated in brackets the maximum rated power, which means that a hot hour of maximum power consumption is around 1.5.
Overall dimensions: (indoor/outdoor) (mm) w x h x d
Air conditioner indoor unit and outdoor unit size, usually expressed in millimeters, members before buying the best measurement of indoor and outdoor installation location is correct.
Quality: indoor 12kg/outdoor 35kg
Air conditioning inside and outside NET, usually representatives of air conditioning a little bit heavier material used is relatively.
Operation noise:
Indoor unit: low-luxury: 26-35db
Outdoor unit: less than or equal to 51db
Air conditioning noise value most currently on the market were within national standards, some may be relatively low frequency noise of value. Air conditioning installation specifications or not, as well as for maintenance cleaning the noise has a number of implications.
Application area: 12-18 square meters
This is the factory’s air conditioning reference application area, we may, under normal room 115W-145W, living room 145W-175W parameters for calculations on your own. Not enough to avoid a cooling effect, or caused by excessive waste.
Circulating air volume: 420 sqm/h
This means that within an hour, air conditioning air distribution area size. Often in the case of similarly rated cooling capacity, vertical Cabinet confidential than some wall-mounted air conditioning recirculated air.
Buy air buy installed household central air conditioning installed in 5 steps
Step one: determine host model
First of all to consider the housing area and toward, and see if there is a large area of window to calculate the simultaneity usage coefficient of air conditioning maximum. In General, the normal home environment, is often not the actual need to use cold whole House cooling capacity and integrated, but lower than the latter, the former about needs to 60% 70% then the latter. This saves investment, avoiding unnecessary waste. Rooms are actually required cooling capacity can be calculated by the following formula:
Real cold area = housing floor space x efficiency rate of x65% of housing (except uncooled areas such as kitchen, bathroom)
Actual cold cold = area x the actual unit cooling capacity
Step two: determine if indoor unit air outlet
Based on the chilling requirement of actual size model, each room or Office requires only one indoor unit or air outlet, if the area of the living room is large, or rectangular, can add one more indoor unit or air outlet. For every 12 square takes about one subject.
Step three: determine the layout, air conditioning:
1, host location with good to pay attention to ventilation, ease of maintenance, and hidden as much as possible and avoid affecting House indoor look and noise;
2, the position of the indoor unit to work with the interior layout, usually hidden in the ceiling, or hidden at the top of high cabinets. General indoor unit is super thin, it takes only around 25 cm in height can be placed. Return air installation should pay attention to good indoor air form a cycle, to ensure that the effect of air conditioning and air quality.

How to maintenance your Ground-source heat pump evaporators

1) check the frozen water and fouling in the evaporator, and sewage water.

2) detection of water side refrigerant temperature between

3) care should be opened when the evaporator discharge valve at the bottom of the impurity of sludge discharge and, if necessary, remove the discharge ball valve to increase the sewage outlet

4) should be especially noted that during the winter without using to prevent damage caused by water freezing evaporator

5) to prevent the temperature drop causes the temperature of the induction air temperature rather than the evaporator temperature, leading to frequent low-temperature alarm

6) maintenance of sewage can refer to the following steps:

(1) run the pump for 10 minutes

(2) drain check water quality

(3) according to the water quality in color, suspended solids, rust, and so on, it is recommended that user manual mechanical cleaning or using chemical cleaning

(4) after cleaning, sewage valve opened to its maximum, to discharge the sewage

(5) drainage NET before refilling with water check water run for 30 minutes, if necessary, job

about Refrigeration theory

1. What is refrigeration?
Refrigeration was essentially molecular motion slows down in the air, cool the air image that is.

2. General principles of refrigeration?
General refrigerator compressor refrigeration principle role is to lower steam pressure compressed into a high pressure steam, the steam volume decreases, pressure rise.

Compressor suction low pressure refrigerant vapor from the evaporator, raise the pressure into the condenser, condensed in the condenser high pressure liquid after the throttle valve throttle, low pressure liquid, into the evaporator and evaporator heat of evaporation and low pressure steam, and then reaching the evaporator inlet, in order to complete the refrigeration cycle.

3. cooling system is made up of?

Refrigeration system consists of 4 basic parts consisting of compressor, condenser, evaporator, throttle parts. Four pieces of copper pipe in a certain order into a closed system, charge a certain amount of refrigerant in the system. General air conditioning refrigerant freon, normally used was R22, now some air conditioning freon has been using new environmental protection refrigerant R407. These are vapor compression refrigeration systems. To refrigeration for cases, compressor inhalation from evaporator of cryogenic low voltage of fluoride Lyon gas compression into high temperature high pressure of fluoride Lyon gas, then flows through thermal expansion valve (capillary), throttle into cryogenic low voltage of fluoride Lyon steam liquid two-phase objects, then cryogenic low voltage of fluoride Lyon liquid in evaporator in the absorption from indoor air of heat, became cryogenic low voltage of fluoride Lyon gas, cryogenic low voltage of fluoride Lyon gas and was compressor suck people. After the indoor air through evaporator, releases heat, the air temperature drops. So compressed———throttle—-evaporation condensation loop repeatedly, refrigerant continues to take heat from the indoor air, which reduces the temperature of the room. When heating, through the four-way valve switch, change the direction of the flow of refrigerant, making outdoor heat exchanger evaporator, absorbs heat from the outdoor air and indoor became evaporative condenser, heat indoors, and achieve the purpose of heating.

4. the basic principle of refrigeration systems?

Liquid refrigeration agent in evaporator in the absorption was cooling of objects heat zhihou, vaporization into cryogenic low voltage of steam, and was compressor inhalation, and compression into high pressure high temperature of steam rear into condensation players, and in condensation players in the to cooling media (water or air) radiates, condensation for high pressure liquid, and by throttle valve throttle for low voltage cryogenic of refrigeration agent, and again entered evaporator endothermic vaporization, reached cycle refrigeration of purpose. This refrigerant is through evaporation, compression, condensation in the system, throttle four basic processes completion of a refrigeration cycle.
In refrigeration systems, evaporators, condensers, compressors and throttle valve in the refrigeration system is essential for the four pieces, the evaporator is the chilling conveying equipment. In which the refrigerant absorbs heat from refrigeration cooling objects. The compressor is the heart, inhalation, refrigerant vapor compression, conveying the role. Condenser is give out heat device, the evaporator absorbs the heat together with heat from the compressor into passes cooling agent away. Throttle valve throttle effect on refrigerant, while controlling and regulating the number of liquid refrigerant into the evaporator, and divided into the high pressure side and low pressure side two parts. Practical refrigeration system, apart from these four large, often have an auxiliary device, such as solenoid valves, dispensers, dryers, collector, fusible plugs, pressure controller components, are designed to improve the economics of running, reliable heat indoors, and achieve the purpose of heating.