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Common malfunctions and their elimination methods of air conditioning

Frequently asked questions 1,In what conditioner the air conditioning system will turn?
Answer:  the air conditioning system will work in not all conditions, it must meet the following three conditions: 1. the engine is in the running state.
2. the ambient temperature is higher than 5 degrees Celsius (note that temperature is the temperature at the inlet).
3. on the blower switch on a gear, cannot be turned off.

Frequently asked questions 2: what`s the usage of air circulation system in the car
Answer: when the air conditioner is in the mode of circulation, out air couldn`t enter the car ,which prevents the outside air into the car, such as through the tunnel or traffic-intensive sections ,it can be enabled in-car system mode. If wants to rapid heating or cooling the air inside the car can also be enabled in-car system.
Note: 1. don’t let the car cycle system run for a long time, such as running for too long, because outside fresh air does not get into the car, and condensation on the window fog, path.
2. don’t smoke in the car, otherwise the system from the inhalation of smoke will be deposited in the car air conditioning evaporator air conditioning device will make the resulting the odor lingers on. In that case, replace evaporator problem can only be solved, can be time consuming and cost.

Frequently asked questions 3: How to shorten the time of air conditioning: during the process of cooling, compressor consumption engine power, increase fuel consumption.
1. If the vehicle has been exposed for a long time, in the air conditioning unit to work at the same time to open the window and door, hot air escape as soon as possible.
2. the use of air conditioning system in, close all the Windows and the activity window, you can give full play to efficiency of air conditioning. 3. access to ports must be open.
Air air intake on the front of the window not to be ice, snow, leaves and other foreign bodies blocking. Outlet air will flow through the entire output of cars, and then discharged from the vent under the windshield after cars, so don’t let the debris piled up on the Rear shelf blocked vent, resulting in heating, ventilation and cooling system is not working properly.
4. If the air conditioner can maintain the temperature inside the car is not enabled, you can set the air conditioning mode to ECON (economic) mode.

Frequently asked questions 4: why there is  bad smells after a spring and summer?
Answer: air conditioning do not use for a long time, because of natural sedimentation, evaporator and his smell. Therefore, the air-conditioning unit must open at least once a month, and make it work at maximum operating conditions over time, clear or prevent odor. Note to do this open in one window, so that air circulation inside the car.

Frequently asked questions 5: air conditioning evaporator flows”water”,does it mean air conditioning system happen problem?
Answer: under the hot and humid weather conditions, condensation, moisture in the air condenses in the air conditioner evaporator, forming water droplets, from the evaporator drip down, formed under of water, this is a normal phenomenon, without fuss, thinking it was a problem with the air conditioning system.

How much can energy-saving air conditioning save money

In an interview, the reporter found that while “China energy efficiency labeling” in conditioning prototype can be seen on the fuselage, but many salespeople explained or vague, or to my problems, and some are even alleged to have misled consumers.

Air conditioning in some counters, sales staff said the air conditioning in a level 4 grade 1 efficiency energy efficiency is equivalent to other brands, in fact here, the salesperson is constant-frequency air conditioning inverter air conditioner efficiency ratings and mixed with the energy efficiency levels of contrast, he means a level 4 of variable frequency air conditioning energy efficiency equivalent to level 1 of another fixed-frequency air conditioning energy efficiency.

In interviews, reporters also found a citizen is the selection of air conditioning was a little confused and asked: “energy efficiency standards for national unity, don’t you? why are 4 levels of energy efficiency, the air conditioning energy efficiency ratio is 3.4, but that air conditioning is just 2.8? what about this air conditioner can save much electricity?” At least once a month, 60~70du. “The sales staff said, pretty sure. “Can save so much? ‘ how was this data out?” ” Calculation method is complex and involves a lot of expertise, I don’t know specifically, but buying it must deal, put up energy efficiency labeling of a simulated? ” Ultimately, the customer is befuddled and left.

In the course of visits to, the reporter noted, some outside sales personnel, in addition to greater efficiency than the vague, is also alleged to have misled consumers. In another air conditioning counters, sales staff even told customers, just labeled as “China energy efficiency labeling” air conditioners are energy-saving products. In fact, air conditioner “energy label” consists of 1, 2, 3, 4, 55, only energy efficiency for level 1, level 2, products can be called energy-efficient products, like 5 levels represent energy-intensive products, market access indicators and, therefore, not “energy label” equate the and saving energy.

B simple formulas to help you count the air conditioning energy saving accounts

In fact, to count the air conditioning energy saving accounts, must first figure out air conditioner “energy efficiency ratio”, because it is a measure of an air conditioner is energy efficient or low energy-efficiency standards.

The so-called “energy efficiency ratio” is the ratio of air conditioning refrigeration and cooling power, in other words, is 1-kilowatt how many kilowatt of electricity generated by an air conditioner with a cooling capacity, for example a 2P air conditioner cooling capacity is 5000W, cooling power is 1785W, so its energy efficiency ratio is 5000/1785=2.8, EER, the greater, shows air conditioning energy efficiency rating, the higher energy the better.

At present, the State aiming at constant speed inverter air conditioner and air conditioning, and enactments of two corresponding to the energy efficiency standards, among them, the constant-speed air conditioner 1~5-level energy efficiency ratio was 3.4, 3.2, 3.0, 2.8, 2.6 and 5.2 per cent of variable frequency air conditioning, 4.5, 3.9, 3.4, 3.0.

Then, on a daily basis, high level energy efficiency ratio EER air conditioning is better than low level air conditioning how much electricity it? gree electric appliances sales co marketing Dragon Minister told reporters that settled this account, it’s really quite simple, or as a cooling capacity up to 5000W 2P air conditioning, for example:

Grade 1 efficiency of the electricity consumption of 5000W/3.4=1471W, namely, power consumption per hour 1.471

2 energy-efficient electricity consumption of 5000W/3.2=1563W, 1.563 per hour electricity

At current electricity charges 0.62 Yuan/degree calculation, if a family uses 4 months in a year (about 120 days), power on 8 hours a day, the grade 1 efficiency ratio 2-level energy efficiency can save a year for electricity: (1.563-1.471) x8x120x0.62=54.76 ().

Refrigerator defrost circuit troubleshooting

Here is indirect-cool refrigerator circuit fully automated creams.
1, symptom: refrigerator refrigeration sometimes correctly, sometimes not cooling properly, or even cooling difficulties, compressor running constantly for a long time. If refrigerator is stopped for a few days, longer and normal. This is due to problems with defrost circuit, evaporator not defrost properly, when the evaporator frosting piled thick on the surface, blocking air circulation, reduces the heat efficiency of evaporator, thereby causing the refrigerator cooling problems and long operation of the compressor.
2, the elimination method: use a multimeter to check the defrosting time relay motor DC resistance value, normally for about 8,000 euros. If resistance to normal and power into not checking, listen to your motor’s voice, a voice note the motors can work. If the defrost timer is damaged, repair or replacement can be carried out. If the defrost timer is working properly, then check the defrost thermostat, when the ambient temperature is + 13 c, the thermostat should be disconnected, as a lead General description the thermostat is broken. If this thermostat can be placed in a refrigerator freezer, freeze at temperatures below-5 ° c for 10 minutes, R*1 block measurement with multimeter should be conducted, such as no instructions defrost thermostat is broken, due to the defrost circuit fails so the defrost is not possible. Defrost thermostat is damaged replacement products.
If the defrost thermostat is no problem, should further check the defrost heater drain heater hungry, their parallel resistance is generally about 300-320 ohms if heater heating element is damaged and should be replaced. Also to check the defrost fuse, its temperature reaches 65-70 ° c disconnect, disconnect only after replacement of new products.

FAQ for air conditioner failure

FAQ for air conditioner failure

A: not enough output for air-conditioning

Now, halfway through the summer, many domestic air conditioning service for about a month’s time, after such a long time of use, inevitably some minor faults occur. Due to insufficient knowledge of many consumers in air conditioning maintenance, so when glitches occur when air conditioning was overwhelmed, the higher fees will be spent to repair workers, they settled under 32.
In order to get your friends to be able to have a deeper understanding on air conditioning, to solve a few glitches, Xiao bian specially for you summarized some dispute resolution failed knowledge and methods, interested friends can go to find out.

Air conditioning is in use, sometimes you will find air conditioning, the air volume is small, the lack of air-conditioning, if there is change, you can do so in accordance with the following inspection of air conditioning:
1, the air intake is closed
2, coils and fins of the condenser is clean
3, the adequacy of the refrigerant in the system
4, the blower motor is working properly
Channel 5, blower for blockage
6, air inlet filter for blockage
7, evaporators for blockage

According to several phenomena where you can tell your air conditioning failed:
1, if the high pressure gauge normal pressure and low pressure table shows the high pressure, instructions evaporator pressure regulator, hot gas by-pass valve, into the spirit valve failure;
2, if the discharge air temperature is high, normal, or high pressure gauge pressure indicator, low pressure has increased slightly, the expansion valve filter screen blockage;
3, if the high pressure gauge indicating higher than normal pressure and low pressure gauge lower than normal voltage supplies, and received dryers and piping icing, then receives the dryer filter blocked;
4, if the high pressure gauge indicating higher than normal pressure, may have excessive moisture in the system. If bubbles are found in the observation window, mixed with the air in the system.

Two: air-conditioning on and off
Air conditioning is in use, air conditioning can also occur intermittently, sometimes not, if such happens friends can check:
1, open magnetic circuits, fan switch, fan motor is faulty;
2, compressor coil and solenoid valve are open circuit or poor grounding and connection is loose;
3, whether the compressor connections for loose;
4, instrumentation and control vacuum line;
5, evaporators for blockage.

We can judge whether the failed:
1, if the low pressure gauge is too high or too low, adjust the thermostat does not work, the thermostat failure;
2, if the low pressure gauge and pressure gauge pressure is too low, then the system has moisture in, plug the hot gas bypass valve or vacuum integrity flow valve.

Phenomena III: without air-conditioning

There is another situation that may arise, is the air conditioning stopped working not cooling, this often will make you helpless, failure can be detected according to the following ways:
1, Compressor drive belt is loose or broken;
2, fuse;
3, fuse cord;
4, connecting wires are disconnected;
5, compressor coupling coil and solenoid valve;
6, thermostat electrical contact is normal, the temperature sensors are faulty;
7, fan is working correctly;
8, ignition switches and relays;
9, compressor is frozen;
10, whether refrigerant piping leaks;
11, compressor seal for leaks.

We can according to the circumstances where failure: 1, if the heater has hot water, released evaporator heat heater control valve is not working.
2, while the engine is either speed, high and low pressure gauge reading is only a slight change, the tongue-type valve of compressor failure.

Four: the machine has a noise
Finally, the editor teaches you how to detect when a large air conditioner noise:
1 blade is loose, exhaust Windows;
2, Compressor drive belt is loose, frayed;
3, compressor mounting bolts are loose;
4, listen to compressor noise;
5, compressor wiring and solenoid valves.

Under the circumstances of failure:
1, coils and electrically controlled solenoid valves of the compressor failure;
2, compressor liquid level too low;
3, fan-fan fault;
4, if too much moisture in the system, the expansion valve noise;
5, when high pressure servo-valve is closed, compressor produces loud thumping noise

energy saving skills-How to save your power energy

energy saving skills-How to save your power energy

Many people begin to look at his lifes, energy conservation becomes increasingly important, it will begin to pay attention to energy-saving problems in the world, then lives bit by bit we’re about to start “” energy in the kitchen, when using a refrigerator can use lots of little tricks to save electricity.

First, when you thaw frozen foods, you can move the frozen food in the freezer to allow cold shifts into the freezer.

Second, the refrigerator water drip pipes are at the top of the refrigerator and direct channel for the exchange of outside air only, with a WAD of cotton wrapped around on the drip funnel, and then use thin rope or tape bandage, will be able to meet power saving purpose.

Thirdly, making the best arrangements of cold beverages and ice at night, this is due to less open-access food at night, shorter working hours of the compressor to save energy with greater impact.

How to maintenance Air conditioning in the seasons conservation

How to maintenance Air conditioning in the seasons conservation

Most common is to give air conditioner outdoor unit on an air conditioning cover, which prevents the erosion of wind, snow, rain, dust, and extend the life of outdoor compressor. Some families are also given in the air conditioning room specially customized enclosure, actually, with indoor dust is not very large, we could do without, as long as attention to often clean the indoor unit can be!

Also note that we use the air conditioning before the hood, to select operation mode of air conditioning blower mode turned on for a while, it can blow dry air conditioner condensate, after avoiding long-term without air conditioning, corrosion caused by condensation water on the air conditioner and the breeding of germs.

We need air conditioning for heating in the winter, indoor temperatures preferably between 16-26 degrees Celsius (best 20 degrees Celsius). Some friends liked to set the air conditioner temperature up to 30 degrees Celsius, as high as you can, but it’s not so prone to frequent start of air conditioning, damage to your compressor has a larger, but also consumes more electricity. Need to be aware of is that heating just boot it is best to use low windshield, switch to strokes in a half hour.

If you do have a need for mobile air conditioning, himself never rash, be sure to let a professional air conditioning repair people to perform, this prevents refrigerant leaks in the process of moving, and connected to the wrong power cord to bring damage to the air conditioning.

Air conditioning in unused for long periods, air conditioner be sure to disconnect the power supply. The batteries of the remote control must be removed to prevent battery liquid leaks bring damage to the remote control.

If small, you’d make this a few moves of absolute certainty, that your air conditioner is absolutely safe for the winter and air conditioning in life will be longer.