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MCQUAY Air Conditioner Fault Code

Fault display: (only applies to SLM APM01C controller) failure code fault
E0 E1 controller system fault an external fault input (current overload of the compressor) E2 External fault input (low voltage protection compressor system) E3 External fault input (compressor and high pressure protection) return air temperature sensor in E4 E5 indoor coil sensor missing or off or short circuit short circuit outdoor coil sensor off E6 E7 E8 outdoor ambient sensor to fall off or short circuit or short circuit the refrigerant leakage E9 coil temperature Overrun of more than 68 EA pump failure or water level cooling water temperature too high or too low EB EC network communication failure for McQuay modular air cooled water chiller/heat pump unit MAC210//DM/DR/DRS/DR MC302l controller user’s manual, operation
1, switch machine
Press the on/off key, unit powered on (RUN led lit), shutdown (RUN the lights) to switch between.
2, mode selection
Press the “mode” button to switch between cooling/heating mode, it should be noted that is, models but must be performed in a shutdown state.
3, parameter queries
Use the controller to query the network of any unit of work status and parameters (which compressors work, set the water temperature, water temperature, water set temperature, water temperature, timing settings of the unit, refrigeration and freezing temperatures, freezing temperatures, defrosting temperatures in winter).
By “unit” key Hou unit number flashing, at by “▲” or “” key change unit,, check see of is different unit of current parameter, to query a unit of work parameter, found to query of unit, Shi by “determine” key can query the unit of work parameter has, by “▲” or “” key view the unit of different of parameter.
4, parameter setting
① Press the “password” button in the left box under monitor display “password” and “00”, press “▲” or “” key to adjust the value when you select into the correct user password and press “OK” button (factory code to “00”), display box display time, it means that you’ve entered the correct password, you can make the following settings:
A, parameters change: after you enter the correct password, follow the steps ②→③→④ can complete the operation parameters of the modify settings.
B, the user password changes: after the correct password is entered, press the “password” button to display a box only displays “00”, then enter the user password to modify setting, press “▲” or “” key to adjust the value, press the “OK” button modifications support password to complete, and jump out of the parameter set state.
II press the “set” key unit number flashes, then press “▲” or “” key to adjust the unit, find for setting parameters of the unit, press the “OK” button you can set the unit’s operating parameters (parameters that can be set are: cooling water temperature, the heating water temperature).
③ Press “▲” or “” key to select the parameter you want to set, press the “OK” button you can press “▲” or “” key to set parameter values, after Setup is complete, press “OK” key to save the setting result.
④ Repeat step ② additional parameters that can be set (Note: not available within 60 seconds press the key to exit the parameter setting).
⑤ set parameter values must be performed in a shutdown state.
5, real time clock settings
With needle shaped tool by “mode” key above of small hole, LCD display Shang displayed “week set” of words, by “▲” or “” key set current time is week several, set good has zhihou again by small hole, week set success, while display Shang displayed “clock set” time will flashing, at by “▲” key modified hours, by “” key modified minutes, again by small hole can save set of clock.
6, regular set
① Press the “timer” button on the monitor at the same time show “week setting” and “timings” message, press “▲” or “” key to select a time in the week to set the timer, select, and then press “OK” button appears on the display “timer set” message, selected scheduled weeks, into the scheduled times.
II into timing frequency setting, press “▲” or “” key to select which day to set timing (can be set to 4 in the “unit” above), press “OK” key to select a time, into the timer on or off option.
③ Press “▲” or “” button to select “timer on” and “time off”, press “OK” key to select the timing is either on or off, enter timing selection, at this time appears on the display “timer set” and “clock set” and the time flashes.
Black press “▲” keys to change the hour, press the “” key, modify the minutes set time and press “OK” button to complete the timing of all the settings and save the settings, at this time appears on the display “timer set” and skip to step three parts, clock times and regularly order last week, cycle settings timed for a week until the exit time set.
⑤ If you want to cancel a timer, this timing timing must be set to 00:00. If you want to cancel all the time, you also need to press the “mode” and “set” keys, “dropping—–” after the sound of a Bell, all clear and timing.
Note: the regular boot and timed shutdown was subject to the clock time on the wire, if the clock is not accurate, regular boot and timed shutdown time will not be allowed. Scheduled during the Setup process, press the “unit”, “mode”, “password” key or 5 seconds no button will exit the timer settings (does not save the setting). Factory default timer as the 00:00.
7, manual defrost
Unit when the heat press “▲” or “” keys until the “manual defrosting” appears press “OK” key, enter manually defrost status. Exit the defrosting condition: ① the defrost time is more than 10 minutes; or II if the defrosting temperature defrost probe detects a temperature greater than setting temperature and defrost time heavy rain for 1 minutes.
8, reset
Press with a needle tool press the “▲” button at the top of the small reset hole.

Fault Code

 Code  Possible Fault  Code  Possible Fault
 EC00 Number 15 sub-machine communication fault  ER30 Present machine group fault
 EC**  **Number 1-14 sub-machine communication fault  ER31 Machine communication fault
 EC15  Number 15 sub-machine communication fault  ER40  TH1 fault
 ER16  Copressore overload  ER41  TH2 fault
 ER17  Fan overload  ER42  TH3 fault
 ER18  Pump overload  ER43  TH4 fault
 ER19  Less water flow  ER44  TH5 fault
 ER20  High pressure fault  ER45  TH6 fault
 ER21 Low pressure fault  ER46  TH7 fault
 ER23 System fault  ER47  TH8 fault
 ER25 Low temperature of outlet water  ER48  TH9 fault
 ER26 Heating overload  ER49  TH10 fault
 ER27  Circumstance temperature high/low  ER50  TH11 fault
 ER28  Star urgent working function  ER51  TH12 fault
 ER29  Overheat less than  1 degreeprotection  ER53  Low pressure sensor fault


MACD module can store 16 a history fault, can through main module Shang of “K1” “K2” “K3” “K4” four a press find, specific method following: continuous by “K1” key until digital tube displayed “OHE”, then by “K4” key confirmed, displayed “HE–“, again by “K4” displayed “HE0-“, said need check subsection several fault, can through “K2” and “K3” press Shang turned or Xia turned, find subsection several fault, then by “K4” confirmed,  NIXIE tube displays the fault code. Example 1: display “HE0-“, after “K2” until “HE01”, press the “K4” by highlighting “ER21”, said the second failed for low-voltage fault.
Example 2: the need to find the 12th failure
Show “HE–“, after “K2” shows “HE-1”, and then press the “K4” by highlighting “HE1-“, and then press the “K2” until the digital display “HE11”, and then press the “K4” fault code confirmation can be found in the 12th. Troubleshooting “HE00” to “HE15”, represents the 16th the fault number. If you find fault display “ER00” indicates that the fault number fault-free. Such as found in “HE02” failure “ER00”, which means no third behind and fault injection: keys must be within 5 seconds operating MDS digital variable capacity multi-connected air conditioning system trouble codes
Cause codes E0 outdoor unit exhaust temperature temperature fault E1 DLT outdoor units OD ambient temperature temperature sensor outdoor machine fault E2 RTN temperature temperature sensor fault E3 E4 outdoor temperature temperature sensor fault at the bottom of the compressor Inlet temperature temperature sensor Midlet temperature temperature fault fault E5 outdoor machine E6 E7 outdoor outdoor Outlet temperature temperature sensor fault DLT exhaust temperatures Through the high conflict E9 E8 fault EE mode indoor unit fault F1 pump room ambient temperature sensor failure

How to clean air conditioner?

Do you want to clean air conditioner DIY?Maybe,you feel it is too diffcult. But in fact,it is not hard! Now,let me teach you how to clean.Prepare for the following tools and cleaning agents.

Cleaning Tools
Air Conditioner Cleaning Equipment or machine, toolbox, steam shower washing machine, watering can, scraping, fin comb, lighting, blade, wipes, water bags, seat belts, work signs

Cleaning agents
Air conditioning special cleaning agent, universal foam cleaner, shell cleaner, WD-40, pure water

Cleaning steps:
1. Before cleaning first check whether the normal operation of the air conditioning, then turn off the power.

2. Clean the surface of dust air conditioning work at the same time erect signs.

3. Follow the instructions of the air-conditioned enclosure and panel removal, remove the filter.

4. 5L watering can wet the parts to be cleaned in order to better cleaning foam.

5. The air conditioning cleaning agent with a watering can spray on the cleaning of the fin, and allowed to react for 5 to 8 minutes to complete penetration, decomposition exclude stains and cracks in the surface of the fin.

6. scraping scrape the surface of the foam fins with stubborn dirt and deformed fins available uncleared fin comb to clean up.

7. steam shower washing machine after washing fin temperature sterilization, disinfection, grease decomposition.

8. Use the air cleaning machine cleaned with water through the fins clean.

9. Clean the filter and replace the panel.

10. The cabinet and the panel is installed to replace the original air-conditioning installation position, and start running 20 minutes inspection and acceptance.

A few problems that you need to know in floor heating system

Floor heating has a few problems that need attention, you know? With the arrival of cold weather in winter, many people are going to choose to install floor heating, have a warm room in their home environment. Heating a system, covers all aspects of the problem.

1. Select the heating pipe problems: select will directly affect the life of the floor heating system heating pipes, floor heating system is a system of long-term covert use, choose what kind of heating pipe directly affects the life of the whole system. When selecting a heating pipe can select imported pipe or joint-venture companies, no province during an initial installation cost, select the pipe too cheap at a later stage, maintenance costs or even in early times, and a construction boom. So choose good quality pipes, is the high cost is worth it.

2. Select water-divide problem: water-divide is the main material of the floor heating system, quality, directly related to the operation of the whole system, and may not match the corresponding temperature, causing budget overruns. In this regard, importing diversity has great advantages in quality and uneven domestic products, and applied for a short time, the quality varies greatly, so choose carefully, suggested the use of products from well-known manufacturers.

3. install floor heating engineering problem: accurate should be strictly in accordance with construction drawing design, due to warm is a system, when installed, must be good and home improvement, and must not be installed on the warm floor random construction work, has the potential to cause damage to the heater. And cannot be opened without permission to warm the device, if it will affect the construction, you must get in touch with installing floor heating supplier, in time.

4. There is no need to install temperature-controlled Central: some type of heating area is big, generally recommend installing temperature-controlled Central, so that each can be individually set the heating temperature of the room, or you can set the temperature of the room to a minimum, keep running. By temperature-controlled central control, significantly saving energy profligacy; and easier centralized management control.

how to choose radiator

Warm radiator pros and cons about starting from the first House until now, is constantly learning, a little dizzy, the problem with this is the benevolent.

Just finished decoration and immediately renovated a House, through practice, comparison, I still want to try change: simple or primitive style last time and, more recently, of simple pastoral grasses begin to grow, my husband says I’m too fickle, and alas! Say say it right, maybe a couple of days and changed my mind about it?

Floor heating is much better than radiator. In fact, heating technology and materials is very mature and has decades of history in China, just about enough to know it will have to be worried. Floor heating does not occupy the indoor space relative to the radiator, more comfortable than radiator heating, heating customer will save money. As long as the heating of underground pipelines during construction is impossible to protect late may cause a problem, much more security than the radiator, the radiator’s interface is very easy to leak, and relative to the life of the radiator to warm to much shorter. To warm the fault rate is much smaller, and maintenance is simple.

So I think now is sure to open your eyes and select a trustworthy shop, doing well to warm! Maybe ten years after, renovation, demolition, think are terrible, renovation is tiring!27455

Plate heat exchanger advantages

Plate heat exchangers are the rational use and conservation of energy, the key to the development of new energy equipment, a wide range of applications. At present, in many application areas, gradually replaced the plate heat exchanger shell-and-tube heat exchangers. Play to the unique advantages of plate heat exchanger.
1 in paper-making, food, alcohol evaporating concentration process, because the process side of contain fiber, grain, or highly viscous media, therefore requiring high channel flow of sectional. Can only be used in the past shell-and-tube heat exchanger, but frequent cleaning and difficult to clean after the jam faults, prompting industry to develop new heat exchangers. At present plate heat exchangers are widely used in the process, black liquor concentration device has become the stereotypical products.
heat pump evaporators and condensers. Heat pumps are widely used in air conditioning systems and heat recovery system plate heat exchanger system critical installations, the application of heat pump is proposed as follows: light weight, small size (assembled), good pressure resistance, low temperature and high sealing performance, and so on. Past shell-and-tube heat exchangers are hard to satisfy these requirements. QH brazed plate heat exchangers can not only save space heat pump, also reduce the cost of refrigerants and refrigerant leakage, so used it in large quantities in the heat pump unit as evaporator and condenser. In addition to using them as energy-saving and oil cooler. Also used it as a solution in absorption chillers heat exchangers.
3 in the sulfuric acid, soda industry, oil refining industrial cooling process, shell-and-tube heat exchanger plate heat exchanger has been replaced.
4 refinery catalytic reforming units, gas-fired thermoelectric cooling of heat recovery equipment used in the plate-shell heat exchangers, welded plate air preheater and all-welded plate type, such as energy, have largely replaced the shell-and-tube heat exchangers.
&Nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp heat coefficient high: due to Board tablets group in the flow of media in lower Renault number (Re) Shi, on can formed turbulence, and smooth of Board tablets Shang easily generated dirt, so has very high of Biography efficiency, in General of water and water hot Exchange in the, plate heat exchanger of heat coefficient can reached 6000W/m2 ℃ above, than tube shell type heat exchanger to high 3-8 times.
Heat recovery: due to the high heat transfer coefficient and flow characteristic is excellent with full reverse flow, temperature can be chosen very late, so it is very suitable for low level heat recovery using single plate heat exchanger up to 90% heat recovery efficiency is economically viable.
Flexibility: can be folded-plate heat exchanger has no theory than adaptability. After the installation, the metal plate you can increase or decrease through expanding the process of narrowing set of requirements.
Low traffic with delay: due to its smaller runner delay flow is very small, it can speed up moving, responsive control operation is changed, and thus greatly reducing the weight of equipment.
Easy maintenance: the design so that it is no dead areas of the plate, so on site chemical cleaning without disassembly, gasketed plate heat exchanger &nbsp can easily open a thorough mechanical cleaning.
Common industrial plate heat exchangers applications
Chemical industry: various inorganic acids, alkalis, salts of heating, cooling, evaporation and condensation, a variety of heating, cooling and condensation of organic solvents.
The oil industry: a variety of heating and cooling of the oil.
Metallurgical industry: a variety of water cooling, oil cooler and heat recovery, cooling, dilute acid electrolytic aluminum liquid cooling and heating.
Food and beverage industry: a variety of foods, beverages, juices, beer, such as process heating, cooling, sterilization, evaporation, crystallization.
Central cooling system: Turbo oil cooler, bearings, pumps, auxiliary equipment, coolers, water desalination.

Heat exchange ventilation system will increase the air conditioner electricity?

When fresh air system in air handling to interior isenthalpic State and then sent to the Interior, the ventilation system will not burden the central air conditioning system, means, the new system will not increase air-conditioning costs. However, the total heat exchange ventilation system can do this please?

Heat exchange ventilation system will increase the air conditioner electricity? When fresh air system in air handling to interior isenthalpic State and then sent to the Interior, the ventilation system will not burden the central air conditioning system, means, the new system will not increase air-conditioning costs. However, the total heat exchange ventilation system can do this please?

First of all, to interior meaning of enthalpy is not responsible for indoor load, which means dealing with isenthalpic air has reached the point of indoor air parameter.

Heat exchange ventilation system will increase the air conditioner electricity? Daikin air conditioning, Daikin air conditioner, York air conditioner, York air conditioning

Heat exchange devices that only use indoor air emissions from outdoor air for cooling, and then sent to the laboratory. And full hot exchange of hot Exchange efficiency General in 60% – 80% Zhijian (specific see equipment parameter, this is compared good of equipment of hot Exchange efficiency has), that is, sent to indoor of air of State just close row out of air-conditioning, and with indoor air-conditioning sent wind State also is has gap of, these air also is will to indoor brings load burden of, is on air conditioning brings must of burden. Heat exchange with general air equipment difference is, reducing the burden on this air conditioner and, ultimately, to save on air-conditioning costs.

Do you know the best temperature for air conditioner to save electicity?

Summer, the home of the meter just like mounting the motor, go fast, coupled with a rise in electricity prices, and energy conservation awareness is becoming more and more strong, air conditioning in some air conditioning consumers to figure out how to make the family’s electricity-saving, studying air conditioning not only open to a few degrees of electricity. Constant temperature air conditioning experts in Hunan told the secret of your air conditioning costs, hopes to use air conditioning at a later time more wisely.

The heat of the summer, usually turn on the air conditioning back home, transferred to the extreme low temperature, is also sweating on the outside, entered the House as it as if we were into the Icehouse, cool is cool, but this is likely to cause the common cold, but electricity has many. Watch air conditioning remote control, refrigeration can be up to 16 degrees Celsius, what should the thermostat to how many degrees do better? Tell you that air conditioning set at 26 degree Celsius is best and why?

This is because the impact on human health of comfort in addition to lighting, air conditioning, color perception, as well as temperature and humidity. Statistics showed that the best human comfort when the temperature is between 24~28℃. Another point, set the air conditioner at 26 ° c has an economic benefit. Taking the city of Changsha as an example, if an air conditioner temperature increases of 1.5 HP split air conditioner 1 c, 0.4 kWh of electricity savings from run for 6 hours a day, calculated according to 4 months in the summer, you can power-saving 48 degrees, is around 70, in fact, value is much greater than this value.

To sum up, household air conditioning up to 26 ° c is the most comfortable, most without electricity!

Household central air conditioning and hot water

We know household central air conditioning is by refrigerant in the refrigeration took indoor heat released into the outdoors, when in heating indoor outdoor heat absorption. During this process will generate heat losses, so can these heat recovery use? This is for sure. Many brands of air conditioning manufacturers are aware of the problem, and thus came into being the multi-purpose residential central air conditioning (cooling or heating and domestic hot water supply), so you can save more energy.

It has been launched on the market today this versatile household central air conditioning Daikin, Daikin VRV is heat recovery released. These two products are built to have the function of air conditioning along with hot water. Not only can improve the energy efficiency of air conditioning energy, you can also install domestic hot water system cost savings.
Household central air-conditioning and hot water, Daikin air conditioning, Daikin air conditioning price, King of Changsha residential central air conditioning

Many users of the system may be in doubt, if you do not need to use air conditioning when you use hot water when the air conditioning system not be opened? This is not needed, because the two are separate independent systems so it can be opened independently, if simultaneous opening of two functions is one of the most energy-efficient State.

The benefits of using such a system is that the first can save even more energy and secondly abandoned the traditional water heaters huge profile, with Central hot water, more beautiful third save installation costs for materials and equipment.

Mitsubishi Electric centeral air conditioning

Are you still worried about heating problems in winter the Villa? Your villa also for gas rationing to fret about it? You are still higher for gas and oil heating costs and safety concerns to worry about it? Mitsubishi Electric “ice fire” central air-conditioning system to help you solve these problems! In order to meet the heating requirements in winter at high altitude and in the North, and Mitsubishi Motors in air conditioning systems introduce “gas-liquid enthalpy” loop of compressors, with Mitsubishi Electric patented technology, the new building-the “ice fire” of VRF air conditioning system, completely solve the problem of heating in winter.
With central heating, electric boiler, gas boiler compared to traditional heating mode, Mitsubishi Electric “ice fire” multi-connected air conditioning low operation cost, eliminate security risks, more environmentally friendly and energy saving. “Ice fire” multi-connected air conditioning system in the industry for the first time using a “gas-liquid enthalpy” loop of compressors, solved in the case of outdoor temperatures reduce heat attenuation of bigger problems, ensure that the whole system of air conditioning and heating seasons that would continue to operate efficiently.
Superior heating performance from the top product technologies:
1,Mitsubishi Electric use patents owned by “enthalpy of gas-liquid Jet” technology of the compressor, the compressor even in the very cold conditions can complete the refrigerant compression process, units under the outside temperature at-15 ° c, the heating capacity-no attenuation, high heat, thoroughly solve the problem of air-conditioning system in winter heating effect is not guaranteed.
2 HIC, Mitsubishi Electric patented technology application of heat exchange technology, makes the unit heat from the outdoor air capacity enhancement, perfectly in line with the “gas-liquid enthalpy” loop used refrigerant circulation increased unit heat faster start-up.
3, the whole original Japan import, with stepless DC inverter technology, extra long design life of 20 years.
Mitsubishi Electric CITY MULTI “ice fire” multiple-conditioning system to solve your worries, systems do not require daily maintenance, operation is very simple.
There are now more clients appreciate the excellent quality of Mitsubishi Electric central air conditioning.23516

household central air conditioning advantages

Compared with ordinary conventional air conditioning, home central air conditioning has unsurpassable advantage.

First broke the traditional fixed single household central air-conditioning installation mode installation, a variety of installation methods, such as an embedded, hide, plus a variety of styles, with various types of air conditioning, meets the needs of users for a variety of personalization. Household central air conditioning, a wide range of programmes to keep pace with user interior decoration effect, without affecting the overall interior appearance, and can bring comfort.

Why household central air conditioning have insurmountable advantages, Changsha Daikin air conditioning, Daikin air conditioning, Daikin air conditioner price

Second, the household central air conditioning in four seasons, summer, running the refrigeration unit, realize the function of cooling winter, heating units come into play, realize the function of keeping warm, real implementation of a multi-purpose machine, indoor warm in winter and cool in summer, four Lucky Star Chinese Restaurant. Spring and autumn, of household central air conditioning can be used to improve indoor air quality, truly environmentally friendly, healthy and comfortable.

Why household central air conditioning have insurmountable advantages, Changsha Daikin air conditioning, Daikin air conditioning, Daikin air conditioner price

Furthermore, the air supply modes of household central air-conditioning has broken the traditional air conditioning, solves the ordinary air conditioning does not have disadvantage of unequal and uneven cooling, heating, indoor temperature reaches equilibrium, make people feel comfortable, a variety of different air supply modes, chosen according to the body needs. Muting techniques specific to household central air conditioning, and in the process of making people feel comfortable, no longer bothered by the noise.

Why household central air conditioning have insurmountable advantages, Changsha Daikin air conditioning, Daikin air conditioning, Daikin air conditioner price

Finally, the hygienic requirements of household central air conditioning is very good, real home environment environmental protection and timely to add fresh air, meet the demands of indoor human health. In appearance, depending on the bedroom decoration to specify a different installation scenarios, and strive to make each customer’s satisfaction. After the installation of residential central air conditioning, each room will have a single intelligent control system, according to the different living people, reasonable choose their temperature and function. Home Central air conditioner run a reliable, extremely low failure rate, cleaning and maintenance is very convenient, the service life is longer than ordinary air conditioning for up to 20 years. &nbsp23513