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Air Terminal Devices

Item: Air Terminal Devices

Short Description: air terminal units and devices are usually used in the AC system,used as air inlet or outlet,with function of decoration.They are usually made from aluminium,steel or plastic.Includes air grilles,air diffuser,Jet nozzle,air valve,and sometimes also includes fan coil units.

Types & Models: See below. Accept customized type and size.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Models & Details for “Air Terminal Devices”

single deflection gille single deflection gille 2 single deflection gille 5single deflection gille Ventilation Material
Single deflection grille        Single deflection grille        Single deflection grille           Single deflection grille         Single deflection grille

single deflection gille 7 single deflection gille 6 single deflection gille 8 single deflection gille 9 double deflection gille
Single deflection grille        Single deflection grille         Single deflection grille       Single deflection grille         Double deflection air grille

Ventilation Material double deflection gille 3 double deflection gille 4Eggcrate grille Eggcrate-Air-Grille2
Double deflection  air grille    Double deflection  air grille   Double deflection  air grille         Eggcrate Grille         Eggcrate Grille

Eggcrate-Air-Grille3 Eggcrate-Air-Grille4 Eggcrate grille 5Linear diffuser 1 Linear-Diffuser
Eggcrate Grille                    Eggcrate Grille                          Eggcrate Grille               Linear Diffuser                    Linear Diffuser

Linear slot diffuser Linear slot diffuser 2Grille for spiral duct 1 Grille for spiral duct2Door link grille
Linear slot diffuser              Linear slot diffuser               Grille for spiral duct              Grille for spiral duct                    Door link grille

Door grilleWater proof grille Water proof grille2Round water proof grille Ventilation Material
Door grille                                Water proof grille                     Water proof grille      Round water proof grille            Round air diffuser

Square 4-way air diffuser Square 1-way air diffuser Square 3-way air diffuser Square 2-way air diffuser Square 2-way air diffuser2
Square 4-way air diffuser     Square 1-way air diffuser     Square 3-way air diffuser   Square 2-way air diffuser    Square 2-way air diffuser

Swirl air diffuser Swirl air diffuser2 Swirl air diffuser3Ventilation MaterialMetal Air Valve
Swirl air diffuser                    Swirl air diffuser               Plastic Swirl air diffuser           Jet nozzle                               Metal Air Valve

Metal Air Valve2Plastic Air Valve3 floor diffuser Louvre-filter-kit-front roof1
Metal Air Valve                    Plastic  Air Valve                    Floor Diffuser               Louvre Filter Kit                        Roof Ventilator Wind Powered

Metal Air GrilleOutdoor Air GrilleExternal air louvreRound plastic louvre air outlet Return Air Grille
Metal Air grille                Outdoor air grille        External louvre with insect barrier       External plastic louvre     Return Air Grille

trickle-vents-smallVentilation Materialfresh-air-filter-boxSquare-Ventilation-slot-smafloor-air-outlet-small
Trickle Vents                    Wall Type Air Ventilation      Indoor air filter box          Wall Type Venti. Slot      Floor air ventilation slot

1 into 2 Air Branch               1 into 3 Air Branch               1 into 5 Air Branch   Plenum box for ventilation slot      Linear Slot diffuser with plenum box

Square-to-Round-TransitionsABS-Air-Grill-Type-B2Air-Outlet-smallself-movable louvre air outlet square plastic grilleSquare egg crate grille with round connector
Square to round connector  Round  Plastic air grille   Square Plastic air grille   Self-movable louvre grille   Square Egg Crate Grille
plastic-air-outletRound egg crate grille with volume control damperWall-mounted-fan-coil-unit smallChilled-water-fan-coil-unitfan-coil-unit-small

Square  air grille    Round Egg Crate Grille         Wall mounted fan coil unit          Chilled water fan coil unit     Cassette type fan coil unit

air-curtain-smallflush-mounted-electronic-air-cleanerRound Duct Inline Electronic Air CleanerRectangle Duct Inline Electronic Air CleanerAir-Deflectors

Air Curtain            Casstte Electronic air cleaner   Round inline Electronic air cleaner     Rectangle  Electronic air cleaner   Air Deflector

Buying Guide to “Air Terminal Devices”
  • The Air Terminal Devices listed above is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Accept customized production;
  • More types of  Air Terminal Devices are not displayed on the web.If the item above doesn`t meet your requirement,please contact us to email: ventilation@smartclima.com ,we can supply a favourite item you need.
General Knowledge on “Air Terminal Devices ”

air terminal devices

*Air Terminal Devices.We accept customized dimension for production on different model Air Terminal Devices,air grille,Eggcrate Grille,Linear Diffuser,Linear slot diffuser,air diffuser……Small order is permited.No Minimum limit!
* Question:What`s material of your Air Terminal Devices?
* Quesion:What color for Air Terminal Devices?
Answer:Original color,white,black.If you have big order,color can be customized;
* Quesion:What`s difference between air grille and return grille?
Answer:Air grille is used for blowing warm/cold air into the room;Return air grille is used to blow air(indoor) into the air duct/pipe; If it is double deflection air grille,you can adjust it by up,down,left,right;Return air grille is always fixed,showing tilted;Air grille is no filter,but return air grille can be installed with filter;
* Question:What`s Eggcrate Grille?
Answer: Eggcrate grilles can be used for air replacement or air extract purposes.Used underneath Roof plate assemblies with Roof models, underneath Single spigots in ceilings, underneath Mounting boxes and on the inside faces of walls that have units in Fixed and Removable wall plates on the outside of the wall;
* Question:What`s Linear Diffuser?
Answer: Another description is slot diffuser.It is an elongated diffuser with parallel slots with deflectors to divert airflow in various directions,usually is 2 slots or 3 slots;
* Question:What`s usage of filter in the Air Terminal Devices?
Answer: It is for return air grille to filter dust.It can be uninstalled and washable;
* Question:What`s difference between single deflection air grille and double deflection air grille?
Answer: If it is double deflection air grille,you can adjust it by up,down,left,right; If it is single deflection air grille,you can adjust it by up,down,left,right;
* Question:If I want to orderAir Terminal Devices,what dimension should I tell you?
Answer: You can give the following dimension:
1),the dimension of ceiling hole( ceiling hole size);
2),the dimension of terminal device`s neck(neck size);
3),the dimension of terminal device`s face(face size);

Distinction between supply air outlet and return air outlet :
Outlet diffuser is generally square, was party line multi-detachable, usually connected with fireproof canvas, no filter; outlet have vents,
Diffuser has a square, circular, with double louvers, or slit-type outlet, the outlet generally have to adjust the size or angle of the wind vane,Return air mostly rectangular, has said the single (double) layer Grille, and with the filter.
Return air louvers are generally single, slit-type outlet, simply return air may be just a layer of steel mesh, you can feel the indoor air delivery according to air temperature and air distribution outlet angle is still open, and return air general little impact on the indoor air,

Outlet, return air outlet, new air outlet, air vents, how to distinguish?
Outlet is used in air conditioning systems, in general it will not bring back the filter, the surface will be very clean, condensate accumulation may also have to send in the above when cold; return air usually refers to the return air conditioning, general it will take it back filters, air surface will have a black dust accumulated in the corner, it is easy to distinguish; new outlet is outside the natural wind turbine directly to the desired area, usually with a very filters; outlet diffuser is generally square, showing a detachable multi-party line, usually connected with fireproof canvas; always send cold drops hung! There are mostly rectangular return air, has said the single (double) layer Grille, and with a filter; main role is to dirty air sucked back. The new outlet is small, wall-installed in each room, or in a straight line outlet must be new outlet doubt! Air vents generally grille, attached to the outer wall, the main role is to polluted indoor air into the room, the use of axial fan because the machine mouth rounded for ease of construction commonly used metal duct to connect! Most indoor installation position in a corner not far from the room!

Smartclima is a compositive leading manufacturers and suppliers of materials for ventilation project and air conditioning systems, exporting to the world. In a short 10 years,we have been developed to lead the industry in air ventilation products, and air conditioning systems. Whatever your requirement in the field, we can correctly source and supply it. From air terminal devious for the home to large commercial ventilation solutions, our wide Ventilation range features a product for every air handling purpose.We can supply various of air terminal devices,including Single deflection grille, Double deflection grille ,Eggcrate Grille,Linear Diffuser,Air diffuser,Square 4-way air diffuser,Round air diffuser,Air Valve, Air Grille,etc.Grilles and diffusers are flexible devices that can be put almost anywhere to maximise airflows.Grilles in ther series of air terminal devices are manufactured in a myriad of shapes, sizes and materials. They provide an economical means for distributing air in a building and are placed within floors, walls, ceilings and even doors to enable the air to pass through to other rooms. They are are ideal for office environments; when walls are moved, grilles in the ceilings or floors can be relocated to meet requirements. Even when altering ceiling layouts, extending the ductwork if necessary and re-siting the grilles is relatively simple. ,air terminal devices are used as terminal device in an air ventilation system or a HVAC system.The air terminal devices are requiring good performance and good looking.

HVAC Parts >>Air Ventilation Duct Materials>>Air Terminal Devices

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