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Air Conditioner Spare Parts,Air Conditioner Parts can be categorized to five categories as following:Materials for air conditioner installation;parts and accessory for air conditioning assembling and repairing;Copper fitting and brass fitting used on air conditioner system;items for air conditioning system maintenance;and air conditioner energy saving solution.Air conditioning (we also name briefly with air conditioner,air conditioning,AC,aircon, ) is a process that changing  characteristics of  ambient air (mainly means temperature and humidity) to reach effect of more comfortable air conditions.Usually,when we say air conditioner,always refer to  the form of technological refrigerating,heating,ventilation and other ways to change air condition state.

Air Conditioner Spare Parts working Air conditioner is already developed to be a major appliance in home.It  already  become a necessary system, or mechanism designed to change room`s or sapce`s air temperature and humidity within an area.It is always used to cool or heat an area depending on the air properties at a given time).  Every air conditioner requires for a materials-refrigerant (coolant) which help to create cool air.Freon is a typical materials or medium inside of air conditioner as refrigerant,and a compressor is the best important part which can decide your air conditioner good or bad.The role of FreonThe cooling is just refrigeration cycle, sometimes evaporation will be taken, commonly for comfort cooling in buildings and motor vehicles.Maybe,sometimes, you might make yourself is replacing the insulation around the cooling lines. You can check out the refrigerant lines to see if they look a little worn. Most coolant copper pipes run from the fin condenser.Condenser locates outdoor unit while AC evaporator locates indoor unit inside room. The refrigerant pipes are usually coated with Anti ultraviolet radiation insulation. If the coat insulation is not anti ultraviolet radiation, the air conditioner system won`t work efficiently. Therefore,it is very important that the insulation on the linesmust be very good. Air conditioner take much electrical energy,though most AC labels tell you it is a green device and saving energy. Therefore,it is necssary for you to take some time and ways to save your air conditioner`s energy.Smartclima is in the field of Air Conditioner Spare Parts with more than 10 years,and it has a very deep understanding about A/C project and Air Conditioner Spare Parts.According to Smartclima`s experience,we divide this theme into 5 sub-categories,they are concerning for air conditioner installation,air conditioner connecting pipeline system,air conditioner assemble and repair,air conditioner maintenance and air conditioner energy saving. All products showed in this theme are being spread around above five sub-categories.Just because of our clear-location on air conditioner knowledge,we are easy to find best and latest Air Conditioner Spare Parts for AC project.

HVAC Parts >>Air Conditioner Spare Parts>>Air Conditioner Installation Materials 


  • Mini split air conditioner installation kits>>
  • Central air conditioner installation parts>>
  •  Air Conditioner Bracket  >>
  •  Vibration Damper >>
  •  Insulation Materials >>
  •  Air Conditioner Installation Tools >>
  •  Lineset Cover System >>
  •  Power Cable For Air Conditioner
  •  Condensate Removal System >>
  •  Pre-installed Plastic Box For Air Conditioner Sysytem >>
  •  More … …





 HVAC Parts >>Air Conditioner Spare Parts>> A/C Copper Fittings & Brass Fittings


  •  Copper Coupling Straight , Copper Coupling Reducing
  •  Copper Elbow
  •  Copper Straight Tee,Copper Reducing Tee ,Copper Y Tee
  •  Copper Fitting Cap
  •  Copper Tripod Fitting
  •  Copper Bridge Fitting
  •  Copper Brazing Rings , Brazing Rods
  •  Refrigeration Copper Pipe Insulated,Copper Pair Coil-With Insulation Coat,Copper Coil-Bare
  •  Copper Rods(solid), Copper Tube Straight Bar(Hollow)
  • Copper Accumulator
  • Copper Filter Dryer
  • Copper Branching Joint(for different brand central air conditioner system)
  • Air Conditioner Valve
  • Brass Liquid Distributor,Brass Nut,Brass Tie-In
  • More … …

 HVAC Parts >> Air Conditioner Spare Parts>> AC Parts For Assembling & Repairing


  •  Universal Air Conditioner Control System
  •  Air Conditioner Fan Motor
  • Fan Motor blades,grille and brackets
  •  Blower Wheel Motor
  •  Air Conditioner Capacitor
  •  Power Cable For Air Conditioner
  •  Refrigerating Compressor
  • Air conditioner Condenser & Evaporator
  • High/Low Pressure Valve
  •  Refrigeration Tools & Meter Instruments
  •  Refrigeration Copper Tube Tools
  •  Vacuum Pump
  •  More … …




 HVAC Parts >> Air Conditioner Spare Parts>> Air Conditioner Cleaning & Maintenance 


  •  Air Duct Cleaning Equipments (For Centeral A/C Air Duct)
  •  Air Conditioner Indoor Unit Air Filter Anti-Bacteria
  •  Air Conditioner Indoor Unit Air Filter Cover Anti-Bacteria
  •  Fin Comb Slice For Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit
  •  Air Conditioner Dust Collector
  •  Air Conditioner Condensor Evaporator Fin Washing Device
  •  Air Conditioner Dust Cleaning Device
  •  Air Conditioner Indoor Unit Steam High Temperature Sterilization Device
  •  More … …





 HVAC Parts >> Air Conditioner Spare Parts>>Air Conditioner Energy Saving Devices


  • Air Conditioner Energy Saver,A/C Power Saver
  • Air Baffle For Air Conditioner
  • Air Conditioner Clothes Dryer Rack
  • Door Seals For Air Conditioner Room
  • More … …







Buying Guide to “Air Conditioner Spare Parts”
  • The parts are available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider international air freight as cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery,permit multi-models to load in a container;
  • More Air Conditioner Spare Parts are not displayed on the web.If you don`t find the item which you need,please contact us to email: airconditioner@smartclima.com ,we will help you to find it.
General Knowledge on “Air Conditioning”

Air conditioning can be divided into:

  • Comfortable air conditioner.It requires suitable temperature, comfortable environment.It doesn`t have critical requirement on temperature and humidity regulation accuracy.Mainly work for housing, offices, theaters, shopping malls, stadiums, automobiles, ships, airplanes and so on.
  • Processing Air Conditioning.It is used for having regulation accuracy requirement, in addition ,the cleanliness of the air also have higher requirements. Usually,they are used in workshop for electronics, precision instrument workshop, computer rooms, laboratories, and other creatures.
    Depending on air handling, can be divided into:
  • Centralized (central) air conditioning —Also named Duct air conditioner,which means the air moves in the duct.Air handling equipment on the central air-conditioning room, the treated air through the duct to the air conditioning system in each room. Suitable for large area, room set, each room heat and moisture load is relatively close to places to choose from, such as hotels, office buildings, ships, factories and so on. Easy maintenance management system, muffler vibration isolation device is relatively easy to solve.
  • Semi-centralized air conditioning — both have central air conditioning system, air handling terminal device. This system is more complex, you can achieve high regulation accuracy. Suitable for air, such as high accuracy requirements workshops and laboratories.
  • Local air-conditioning —Also named ductless air conditioner,which blows cold/warm air into room or space directly,no need duct.Usually,every room has its own air conditioning handling equipment. The air conditioner can be directly installed in the room or mounted in the neighboring room, in situ treatment of air. Suitable for small size space, the room dispersed, heat and moisture load difference big occasions, such as offices, rooms, and family. Its equipment can be a single vertical air-conditioning phase independence group, such as window type, split air conditioners. The system can be made to the hot and cold water pipes centralized air conditioner fan coil consisting of each room as needed to adjust the temperature of the room.
    In accordance with the cooling capacity can be divided into:
  • Large air conditioning units such as horizontal assembly watering style, table-cooled air conditioning units, used in large workshops, cinemas and so on.
  • Medium type AC units — such as air conditioning units and chillers cabinet air conditioners, etc., used in small workshops, computer room, hall, restaurant and so on.
  • Small air conditioning unit — such as window type, split air conditioners, for offices, homes, hostels, etc.
    According to the number of fresh air to points:
  • DC-type air conditioner treatment system — for fresh air, and sent into the heat of the room after all the emissions to the outside and moisture exchange, no return air duct. This system is good sanitary conditions, high energy consumption, the economy is poor, there are workshops for harmful gases produced. Laboratories.
  • Closed system air conditioning system handles all recycled, not add new wind system. System energy consumption, poor sanitary conditions, the need for regeneration of carbon dioxide and oxygen suction device with air. Such as for underground construction and submarine air conditioning.
    Hybrid systems — mixed air conditioner handled by the return air and fresh air together. It combines the advantages of direct current and closed, the application is relatively common, such as the air conditioning system hotels, theaters and other places.
    By air velocity points: high-speed system — main duct wind speed 20-30m / s. Slow system — main duct wind speed 12m/s or less.

Air Conditioner choice

Air Conditioner units are mainly used for the treatment of indoor air and fresh air, generally have two working conditions:the air conditioning working conditions and new wind conditions .

Selecting air conditioning units are generally decided by three main parameters: the amount of wind, cooler exhaust pipe outside the machine number and the residual pressure. According to first determine the amount of wind system requires models of air handling units, and then to provide the cooling capacity required to determine the number of its row of tubes, so then OK. Determine the residual pressure and pressure requirements of the system according to need.

Air handling units generally have floor-to-ceiling-two. Floor-including vertical and horizontal. In addition the unit back
And there are many different ways the wind. Xu final determination of the case in accordance with the building owners and building requirements. To a small air conditioning refrigeration conditions (heat) when compared with the new wind conditions: attention.

Professional Air Conditioner Spare Parts/Air Conditioner Parts/HVAC Parts Supplier,Providing One-stop Solution Service For Your Air Condition Project

Air Conditioner Spare Parts covers the following firve categories: air conditioner installation materials(air conditioner bracket,vibration damperS,lineset cover system,condensor removal system,pre-installed plastic box,etc);refrigerant pipeline system(copper pipe,copper fittings and brass fittings);air conditioner assembling and repairing(air conditioner fan motor,air conditioner electric capacitor,etc);air conditioner maintenance materials;and air conditioner energy-saving device.You can find more air conditioner spare parts at Amazon.Smartclima is a compositive leading manufacturers and suppliers of  Air Conditioner Spare Parts,especially to supply air conditioner installation materials and cleaning&energy saving materials for Air conditioner system,we export products to the world market. In a short 10 years,we have been developed to a leading supplier in the field of  air conditioning spare parts. Whatever your requirement in the field, we can quickly source and supply it, our wide AC materials range features a product for every air handling purpose. Smartclima, your best assistant to supply Air Conditioner Spare Parts/ Air Conditioner Parts!

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    Hi im having trouble with a aux ceiling suspended aircon.its giving me error code E0 shown in the manual e0 means lack of fluoride protection and lack of fluoride means that either coil sensor or temperature sensor is not working and iv also asked my mates they said that its the coil sensor…iv changed the coil sensor but it still shows e0
    wanna know what the problem might be

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    We are keen to buy and develop in our own brand in Bangalore, we have about 11,000 valuable customers list in our database and with good technical skilled staff people to provide sales and services.
    Hence, I request your goodself to send detailed information about spare parts, SPLIT AC machineries, WINDOW AC machineries, along with price list(Quotation), Terms and Conditions , F-O-R , F-O-B at destination , to purchase the above captioned materials at the earlyst.
    Thanking you and anticipating your early reply with regards.


    Dear Sir,

    I have to start AC spare parts business. Please tell the norms of your company.

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    Do not want to work as a employee any more,and I`m ready to open a hardware repair shop in the home town. I`d like to know what tools should I prepare for air conditioning repairing?And then what parts and accessories should prepare and how many quantity?

    • admin-smartclima says:

      Basic Tools:
      Repair Cooling System: a portable torch, Freon cylinders, pressure gauge and liquid pipe cutter, copper pipe expanding tools, wrenchs, high pressure pumps, vacuum pump.

      Tools to Repair Air conditioning Circuit Board: digital clamp multimeter, various screwdrivers, partial mouth, needle nose pliers each one,iron.

      Accessories: 20-60 microfarads capacitance 2-3units, 1-4.5 microfarads capacitance, 2-3pcs universal remote control, electrical tape, three ends infrared receiver number, 5K-25K temperature sensors, air conditioning PC board.
         Basically these tools and parts, can cope with most of AC on-site maintenance. I hope Smartclima can help you some.

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    We are also the exclusive distributor of two american companies (Solatube and Topps products), and willing to expand its portfolio, so if you can help us providing all information about the ac parts/hvac parts,turbine air ventilation system, prices, best practices, and if we can send someone overseas or by phone to discuss the important details as well, this will be great.

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    We kindly ask you to provide us with quotation for different AC parts we are looking in China. If it is interesting for you, pls find attached the description and quantity of items.
    RE air conditioning hoses with fittings please quote 1, 10, 50 and 100 pcs each item.

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    We are interested in purchasing your company air-conditioner parts ( split type ) including cooling system, fan, control box, compressor.

    Please quote your ordinary unit price for supplying these goods together with your discount for volume purchases.

    Please also indicate:

    a) Whether your quote are inclusive or exclusive of sales taxes
    b) Delivery time from receipt of our purchase order to receipt of your shipment
    c) Your accepted terms of payment.

    Moreover, it would be more than thankful, if you can state the expiration of all prices quotation.

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    Hello Sourav, I’ve currently went to 2 mechanics and they are trying to find extra parts. Any other answer or suggestion? Thanks.

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    Interested in Ac spare Parts Please Quote us the prices of these spare parts and MOQ.
    we will require all these prices in whole sale

    Copper Pipe use in AC 3/8, 5/8
    Copper tube straight 3/8, 5/8
    Air conditioner fan motors Indoor/ out door use in 1.5, 2, 2.5 ton Ac
    capacitor 60+5 uf, 50+5 uf, 60uf, 55uf, 50uf (use in AC)
    Arm flex insolation tubing for A/C

    For any further information please contact us
    wait for your kind reply


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    Dear Sir,
    We are newly starting Homeproject of Mini Ac handling unit in our country India. Please send us Technicle & other infermation given below
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    4)What are your procedures for sending samples
    5)What is your competition on price
    6)What is your payment term

  26. shahrukh says:

    My Camry’s air conditioning system has actually had sluggish freon leaks for many years, however we have actually always been able to quickly fix them. This summertime, my air conditioner passed away on me. It will immediately blow hot air on me a great deal of the time (which is quite miserable in 100 degree weather condition). In 2013, I entered an accident and I think the repairman stated that I nearly destroyed my Air Conditioning, which I might have dented the front in a little. It has been working fine for the previous year, though.

    If I go to a store to see what the trouble is, they will charge me $150 simply to do a test to see if it’s leaking freon and a lot more to fix it, so I am thinking about replacing it so that I do not have to tinker it anymore. However, I am a student, so I do not have much money to spare.

    Can any person inform me exactly what they think my finest option would be? And just how much it would cost to change a ’99 Toyota Camry Air Conditioner? Thanks so much!

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    We are doing HVAC parts business from 2005, mainly in residential field. From last year we tried ourselves in LCAC and CAC.
    This year we would like to extend with ventilation and solar products. We are very glad we come across your webpage.

    We are interested to get a quotation for air condition parts the following:
    I AC
    1. Air condition Brackets UAE type B – 1000sets

    2. Copper pipe and insulating coil both white and armaflex black

    ¼ – 6120 m

    3/8 – 4080 m

    ½ – 3060 m

    5/8 –750 m

    ¾ – 300m

    7/8 – 50m

    3. Non adhesive tape Width*Length = 50mm*15m – 500 pcs

    4. Air conditioner remote controller KT-N808 – 50 pcs

    5. Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U05PG – 50 pcs

    II Ventilation
    1. Air terminals: air grills, valvae, diffusers both plastic and metal white colour – 200 pcs (for testing) Please send your quotation for exact order.

    2. Aluminium And PVC Compound Flexible Air Ducts. Please send your quotation for exact order.

    3. Air Duct Accessory. Please send your quotation for exact order.

    4. Volume Control Damper. Please send your quotation for exact order.

    5. Air Duct Filter. Please send your quotation for exact order.

    6. Electric heaters (all types:Immersion Heater With Ceramic Heating Element / Immersion Electric Heating Elements). Please send your quotation for exact order

    7. Axial flow draft fan

    8. Duct motor

    III Tools
    1. Electronic Refrigerant Charging Scale – 10 pcs (for test)

    2. Aluminum Alloy Testing Manifolds With Hand-Carry Plastic Case – 10pcs

    3. Copper Tube Tool Kit – 30 pcs

    4. Copper Tube Bender – 10 pcs

    5. Refrigerant Charging Station DS20114 – 10 pcs

    6. Vacuum pump VG250 – 6 pcs

    7. Soldering Tool for DIY welding for reserve -5 pcs + / gas containers -20 pcs)

    8. Refrigerant: R410A – 20 bottles

    IV Energy saving – From these products we would like to order some samples, as to check the efficiency and quality
    1. Drain Water Heat Recovery(DWHR)-Energy saving – 3 pcs (each model per one).

    2. Thermodynamic Panel System – TSP03 – 1set. Please quote all elements for future orders.

    3. Solar PVT Panel module > please recommend a most often asked set for a sample.

    Thank you for your reply

  29. Davide Celetti says:

    we are a HVAC Parts company that operates as a retailer of parts for air conditioning / cooling / ventilation in the Italian territory.
    We are interested in an offer for the following items
    Pz.500 Stainless Steel Air Conditioner Bracket with Sliding Bar Model SS-02 (400x450x800mm)

    Pz.500 One-Bolt Folded Air Conditioner Bracket With Sliding Bar Model 101BF (400x450x800mm)

    Pz.500 Air Conditioner Bracket Folded One Bolt Type ACB101P-400
    Pz.1000 Outdoor Air Conditioner Ground Bracket Type C 350/450/1000

    Pz.1000 Outdoor Air Conditioner Ground Bracket Type A

    Pz. 3 Wall Hole Opening Driller Model:SG-160C 220V 50hz

    Pz.1 Air conditioner installation spanner

    >>> Refrigeration Copper Pipe Insulated single coil: 1/4 mt.1000, 3/8 mt.1000, 1/2 mt.500, 5/8 mt.500, 3/4 mt.500

    Offer excluding transport


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    Dear Sir

    we are looking for Air Conditioner Spare Parts and wants to import products from Smartclima as soon as possible.Could you send us the price list for A/C parts? Also,we`ll need materials for ventilation project.We are from India.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Hello,I am running an online shop selling air conditioner parts in Brizal.We are in the filed of HVAC service (mainly maintenance and cleaning of HVAC system) with more than 20years. I am interested to import all of your products concerning for air conditioner spare parts shown.Could you email me a detailed list of your products and prices? And is it possible to get sole distributor in Brizal for Smartclima?

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    a nice website,i will keep it as i am a businessman of ac(HVACR) parts.

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    I`m a shop in Qutar to supply air conditioner spare parts and HVAC Parts for local customers.I`m searching my quality supplier who can
    provide me a range of AC parts,including AC installation materials and A/C accessories.I came accross your website and are excited because your full range products can meet my all requirement,I hope we can cooperate together to develope Qutar HVAC market. Please indicate your contact information for business of air conditioner parts and HVAC parts.Thank you.

    • admin-smartclima says:

      Hello,Cocolou.It`s nice to have chance to cooperate together.We are interested in the market of middle east.We supply many air conditioner spare parts,refrigeration parts,ventilation materials and solar energy products,and in order to do better,we are adding more reliable HVAC products every month.We try to let our HVAC products are more energy-saving,and more attractive,to let our buyer can get best profit.Our salesman from AC parts department will contact you very soon.Thank you.

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