Air Conditioner Cleaning And Maintenance Materials

Air Conditioner Maintenance MaterialsAC-High-Pressure-Cleaning-1Sterilizing-machine-01Cleaning-sterilizing-01AC-High-temp-Cleaning-1all-in-one-banner-1AC-washing-bag-1dust-cleaning-and-suction-label-1air-speed-and-temperature-label-1interior-inspector-label-1air-filter-label-1auxiliary-kit-banner-1Robot-Cleaning-banner-1Rotary-brush-Cleaning-banner-1Shaft-Cleaning-banner-1Duct-Sterilizing-banner-1ozone-sterilizing-label-1

Air Conditioner Maintenance Materials

Item: Air Conditioner  Cleaning And Maintenance Materials

Short Description: including the materials  Maintenance Materials for split air conditioner units and for central air conditioner system,ventilation duct cleaning equipments.The A/C device after cleaning can reduce energy consumption and improve air quality,prolong the service of air conditioning system.

Types & Models: See below.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Cleaning tools and materials Split Air conditioner

Air Conditioner Cleaning&Sterilizing Machine

Air Conditioner Cleaning&Sterilizing Machine

All-in-one AC cleaning kit

All-in-one AC cleaning kit

Home Appliance Cleaning Machine

Air Conditioner Cleaning Cover

Split Air Conditioner Cleaning Cover

Ceiling air conditioner cleaning bag

Air Speed and Temperature Detection Instrument

Air Speed And Temp. Detection Instrument

“All-In-One” Auxiliary Tool Kit

“All-In-One” Auxiliary Tool Kit

Coil-Chemical-Manual-Pressure sprayer

Coil Chemical liquid Manual Sprayer


Semi-automatic Liquid Sprayer for coil cleaning

Fin-dust-brush-for-air-conditioner cleaning

Fin dust brush for cleaning air conditioner

Folded water bucket

Folded water bucket

Cleaning Towel

Cleaning Towel


Indoor Unit Air Filter Cover


Vent grille air filter

Indoor Unit Air Filter Anti-Bacteria


Air Ducting Cleaning Equipments

Air Duct Detection Robot GX-08-2-small

Duct Detection Robot Model GX-08-2

Air Duct Detection Robot GX-08-2B-small

Duct Detection Robot Model: GX-08-2B


Dust Suction Robot with video function


Dust Shoveling Robot Model :GX-08-5B

Air-Duct-Whipping-Robot small

Air Duct Whipping Robot Model: GX-08-5C

Air Duct Spraying and sterilizing robot small

Air Duct Spraying and sterilizing robot


Standard Cleaning Robot , Model : GX-08-4


Large Duct Cleaning Robot, Model: GX-08-4B

Rectangle Duct Cleaning scrolling Robot

Rectangle Duct Cleaning Robot

Rectangle Duct Cleaning scrubbing Robot

Rectangle Duct Cleaning Robot

rectangle circular duct cleaning robot kit

Recommend! Cleaning robot for both circular and rectangle duct


Duct Detection Device Detect internal situation

Air-Duct-Ozone-Disinfection-Equipment small

Air Duct Ozone Disinfection


Air Duct Portable Medical Sterilizing Equipment

Air Conditioner extra kit 

Outdoor-unit-cover-smallAir-Baffle,air-deflectorAir Conditioner Negative Ion Generatordryer-rackusage for Manual Oil Pump

Air Cleaning equiments for “A/C water pipe system”

Chiller tube cleaning equipments


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  1. Wima Hendika says:

    Want open a shop to maintenance air conditioner system.Could you help?

  2. homerliveshere says:

    We are going to establish a company for maintenance air conditioner system,and want import materials from china.

  3. Moftah says:

    3poli Air Conditioning Service
    Happy New Year, I am planning to open new company in my country in North Africa, which is specialized in HVAC service (maintenance and cleaning of HVAC systems). I was able to locate your company through internet and I am very much interested in learning more about the product you provide for cleaning and maintenance of HVAC systems. I would greatly appreciate if you can email me a detailed list of your services and their associated prices.
    Yours Sincerely

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