Air conditioner air flow deflector,AC reflector,Air wing

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Air conditioner air flow deflector,AC reflector,Air wing

Item: Air conditioner air flow deflector,AC reflector,Air wing,solve the problem of cold/warm air directly blowing or breezing onto somebody,improve aircon comfort

Short Description:Description as air conditioner air baffle,AC reflector,air wing ,or wind baffle,air conditioner air flow deflector,AC wind/vent  deflector,air conditioning windshield,it help to overcome the problem of cold/warm air directly blowing or breezing onto somebody.It is for wall mounted split air conditioner, ceiling cassette air conditioner, windows or cupboards AC.New design,new model,more elegant,permit to extend length from 50cm to 74cm to accommodate different length of air conditioner,better to guide air! It is an revolutionly design that utilize a plastic baffle/deflector to control airflow or guide air direction to well-distributed in the room evenly,and therefore guide  airflow to distribute cooling air or heating air more peacefully,avoid direct cold air to breeze onto some people. After install air baffle,can save electricity  consumption about 10%. The air wing  is made from Plastic ABS which can prevent condensation water.Easy and quick installation,nice-looking.It can be used on ceiling air conditioner,wall mounted split air conditioner and ground standing air condition,and ceiling cassette air conditioner, windows or cupboards air condition.Overcome the risk of disease or uncomfortable in air conditioning room.

Size: Our best popular model is 74cm, extension-type,can be from 50cm (non-extension) to 74cm (after extension).Used for ceiling air conditioner,wall mounted split air conditioner,ground standing air condition,and ceiling cassette air conditioner, windows or cupboards air condition.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

Order or Inquiry on “Air conditioner air flow deflector
Features of “Air conditioner air flow deflector,AC reflector,Air wing”

Features and advantages:
-It is made from high quality, durable plastic,nice looking;Light weight,no danger to the people below;
-It is a smart design product to improve air conditioner room comfort. Freely adjust air direction way,up and down air direction 180 degrees,for cold air and warm air,any season.
-Adjustable air way to distribute cooling air or heating air more evenly and peacefully,avoid direct air to breeze onto someone.
-S-shaped design to let air flow more peacefully.
-Supports ductless air conditioner and duct air conditioner,various home or commercial air conditioning.
-Easy installation,just one-touch installation and mounting,Just need to paste it onto the outlet of air conditioning.
-Lightweight and safe.It is very light and no dangerous to under people.It is stronly adhesive with brand 3M tape and durable mounting years.With fall prevention cord and mounting adapter
-Save energy.It can reduce air conditioner power consumption about 10%
-Has two colors: white and green as following photos.

Best feature:control of your air conditioner indoor unit against uncomfortable direct air blows,Eliminate jets of uncomfortable air,helps air conditioner to extend circulation to every corner in your house or office;

air-flow-baffle-size air-baffle-new-model swing-arm-detailsSwirl arm green-type-installed white-type-installedworking principleair-deflector-for-standing-air-conditionerair deflector for casstle ac

The “Air Baffle For Air Conditioner,Air deflector” support,It could be used on almost all models of air-con units:

  • Ductless air conditioner;
  • Duct air conditioner;
  • Home wall mounted air conditioner;
  • Ground standing air conditioner;
  • Windows air condition;
  • Cupboards air condition;
  • Other type.
General Knowledge on “Air conditioner air flow deflector,AC reflector,Air wing”

A story: Mike keeps always healthy and never got sick. But after he move the desk close to air conditioner vent mouth,he always get sick,suffering much variations,for example the flu and sinus issues,etc. He thought it may cause the air condition airflow blowing directly onto his body and face. Then Mike check the reason on internet and found many sample men like him.nad finally,he brough a deflector installed under the indoor unit,Change the airflow to let cold(warm) diffuse evenly in the room.And now,he keeps health always again!

direct-air-blowing cause-problem-by-direct-cold-air

And then,How the deflector works on air conditioner?
First,indoor air is generally divided into three layers, which are “ground thermostat layer, the middle mixed layer and the upper layer of heat accumulating . The installation position of air conditioner indoor unit  is generally in upper layer of heat accumulating . Due to the physics principle of  cold air is strong  but heat air is weak,the cooling air from indoor unit is directly down to the ground thermostat layer  through the middle mixed layer of the heating and cooling .Therefore, the air at  the lower layer is cooled rapidly, the cooling air is accumlated from the below to up,to let  human feeling cool.

(Without Air Baffle For Air Conditioner)

But  the cooling for the  upper layer depends on the radiation of cooling air from below layer. The radiation is no good effect because there is no rapid exchange between upper layer and ground layer.Also,because of  the continued invasion from the outdoor heat , resulting in the slow temperature drops in the upper layer. Therefore, the air conditioning is switched on for a long time cooling state, even if the indoor air temperature is already low.

This is the  present situation of the existing split wall-mounted air conditioning running.

The air baffle for air conditioner made by Smartclima  overcome the above phenomenon through to install an air-way panel at the outlet of the indoor unit, to change/adjust the angle of outlet cooling air.  of the air guiding cover. Because of the use of air baffle,the cooling air will not be directly blown onto the body. Through the living hinge of the wind guide panel to adjust the orientation of the air stream, in order to adapt to different needs; At the same time, since the cold air is guided to upwardly, so that cold air is first blown to  the upper layer of heat accumulating, firstly to mix the upper heat air,and then the mixed air is recycle from the top to down,which way is following the priciple of  the exchange between heat and cold,by the above way,it improve the overall cooling efficiency of the indoor air. The refrigeration cycle mode mentioned can make the room air at up and below keeps very small temperature difference, therefore it can reach air conditioning seted temperature in fast, to shorten the running time of the air conditioner able to achieve energy saving.

(After use Air Baffle For Air Conditioner)

(Save 10% energy of electricity because of air baffle for air conditioner!)

After several tests, compared the test result of  the air conditioning seted temperature from 22  to 26  ,we know it can save energy about 10% after using air baffle.
Below is test data:
(Given below  test data is for reference only)

(1)using air conditioning without baffle
Test Date: August 2, 2008
Test environment: 20 square meters bedroom, 12000BTU wall-mounted air conditioning (power 1.2 kW), the outdoor maximum temperature of 34, minimum temperature 22 (outdoor temperature from the day weather forecast) test time 24 hours, start testing time 10:00 start testing the indoor temperature is 29 ; air conditioning seted temperature of 25 , automatic swing wind.
Test results: air-conditioned first downtime 11:32, total power consumption of 18500W..

(2) using air conditioning with air baffle
Test Date: August 8, 2008
Test environment: 20 square meters bedroom, 12000BTU wall-mounted air conditioning (power of 1.2 kW), the date of the outdoor maximum temperature of 34 minimum temperature 24, 24 hours of test time, starting test time 10:00, start testing indoor temperature 29  ; air conditioning set temperature of 25, automatic pendulum Wind.
Test results: air-conditioned first downtime 11:10, total power consumption of 16500W.

(3) results:
After use air baffle ,can save electricity  (18500-16500)/18500 = 10.8% !
Description: The air-conditioning seted to 25 as example, because it is the best temperature for human feeling and energy-saving effect of contrast.

Payback: 6 months.


Installing diagram for “Air conditioner air flow deflector,AC reflector,Air wing”

1,First of all,clean the surface of underneath part of your indoor unit; peel off the protective paper from plastic adapter with double faced adhesive tape,and then stick it strongly onto the underneath part of your A/C indoor unit;Keep it and it`s better to do next step after 24hour in order to have a good and strong stick.


2,See below instruction image, push one end of plastic arm into the deflector panel;


3, See below instruction image, put the other end plastic arm into the adapter which is already sticked onto the air conditioner(it can be split wall mounted type,or ceiling type);(Notice,the deflector couldn`t be installed onto the rough surface and the sticked surface must be more than 4cmx26cm:


4,Measure your vent length,and the adjust the panel to accommodate the length of air conditioner vent;Adjust the panel`s angle to get the correct air flow direction you want.


The way to protect the air deflector falling from the air conditioner.
See below picture,please tie the wire(included in the package) between “air flow deflector” and “air conditioner indoor unit”.

If the below procedures has been done, then no risk of the air wing falls or become loose:
① Before install adapter, make sure that the sticked surface is smooth,level and no dirt,oil or dust. Remove any dirt or moisture with a dry cloth and keep the area cleaning.
② Check carefully the area  again to make sure it keeps clean and dry completely. And then,stick the adapter onto the mounting area,strongly and firmly to press down to keep it is sticked completely.
③ Keep the adapter holds tighlty and strongly not lesss than 30 seconds.
④ After adhesive seal on the adapter has been firmly taken hold onto the area, then install the air wing`s panel. Use the ready rope with spring hook in the package to tie the arm and your air conditioner!,adjust the angle you want to get the best angel for keeping conform. Done!

HVAC Parts >>Air Ventilation Duct Materials>>Air conditioner air flow deflector,AC reflector,Air wing

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  1. Abdulla says:

    I would like to order five of these. How much do they cost with shipping?

  2. wasala says:

    do you have available this for 48000Btu ceiling mounted unit?if available please send quotation for 2 units.

    payment method – TT

    shipping method – CFI

  3. Air flow defector/Air condition Air cleaner is it ready effective? If so, kindly provide me one for our house. Thanks.

  4. Jenny says:

    Hi, can I use this for a heat vent?
    Wondering if the plastic will withstand heat coming from a wall vent, and can I stick the adhesive to the wall?
    Also – do you send to the U. S. ?

    • Cathy says:

      Good Day,
      I live in Nova Scotia Canada, I have a heat/ac system that looks much like the image you have displayed. 3 units . I would like to know if this would work /hold with heat . Also if you could quote a price in Canadian funds for 3 until .

  5. Brian Burton says:

    Hi,I have attached the photo taken (not good light) with my iPhone showing the air deflectors as fitted for cooling in the hot Australian summer. To facilitate the fitting of the safety lanyard supplied we attached one end to the wall below the units using a wall plug into the plaster board and attaching with a screw. It’s appearance was quite neat and tidy.

  6. Paul Kim says:

    air flow deflector for split AC is well received and working perfectly!
    Thank you. Hope to do business again with you soon.

  7. Alex Joyce says:


    Can you please confirm dimensions and can you supply these to the UK?

    Many thanks.

    Kind regards,


  8. Michael curtis says:

    show my project!

  9. Rajdeepsinh Jadeja says:

    We are hotel owner,and equip all our air conditioner in rooms with these air panels.They works perfectly,and thus solve customer`s complaint.Thank you,we`ll order more in future.

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