A46Y A46F Flanged type Pilot operated safety valve

A46Y A46F Flanged type Pilot operated safety valve

Item:A46Y A46F Flanged type Pilot operated safety valve

Short Description: Pilot operated safety valve, newly-structured, is mainly applied to such trades as petroleum & natural gas, chemistry, electric, metallurgy & burning gas. It is the best super-pressure protecting equipment on press equipment, container, or pipeline. It is mainly characterized by shifting direct function of spring to indirect function of guide valve. What – s more, main valve, applying for sleeve piston & double sealed
seat. Is characterized by high precision of action, good recycling function, fast turning back to seat, ability to high-pressure leaking, long working time & security, together with readjustment on line, automatic turning back to seat after leaking again and again, tight closure,operating and maintaining convenience.

Code:(K)Ax46F(Y)-16,AF46Y-16,(K)Ax46F(Y)-25,AF46Y-25,(K)Ax46F(Y)-40,AF46Y-40,(K)Ax46F(Y)-64,AF46Y-64,(K)A x 46F(Y)-100,AF46Y-100


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Pilot operated safety valve

Pilot-operated safety valves are ideal for high back pressure, high flow, high pressure and compact installation locations. Pilot-operated safety valves are mainly used in the fields of oil and gas, chemical, electric power, metallurgy and city gas. They are the best overpressure protection devices for pressure equipment, vessels or pipelines.

Working principle:
When the system works normally, when the pilot safety valve is closed, the system pressure is transmitted to the dome air chamber at the top of the main valve flap through the inlet pressure pipe, the pilot valve and the air chamber pressure pipe, thereby generating on the main valve flap. A downward net force is applied to close the main valve. When the system pressure reaches the set pressure, the pilot valve is opened and the shuttle closes the pilot valve intake passage. The pressure of the main valve chamber is discharged through the pilot valve. Since the system pressure is higher than the return pressure, the shuttle closes the intake passage. Thereby, the flow of the fluid in the pilot valve is blocked, at which time the pressure of the main valve chamber drops sharply, the main valve flap is fully opened, and the fluid is vented and depressurized through the main valve. When the system pressure drops to a certain value, the spring force of the pilot valve overcomes the force exerted by the valve inlet pressure on the shuttle, the pilot valve returns to the seat, the ejector rod opens the shuttle, and finally the fluid re-enters the dome of the main valve. Room, close the main valve.

Structural features: 1. The soft seat of the valve seat ensures good sealing before and after the safety valve takes off. 2. Allow the working pressure to approach the setting pressure of the safety valve. 3 , a small overpressure can make the safety valve main valve quickly reach the full start state. 4. The safety valve operating performance and opening height are not affected by back pressure. 5 , the opening and closing pressure difference can be adjusted. 6. The non-flowing structure design of the pilot valve reduces the emission of harmful media and environmental pollution. 7. The setting pressure of the safety valve can be detected online.

The main advantage of the pilot-operated safety valve is that the variable spring acts directly as an indirect action of the pilot valve, which improves the sensitivity of the action, and the main valve adopts a sleeve piston type and a double-seal valve seat structure, which has high motion precision, good repeatability and quick return. It does not leak, can with high back pressure discharge, work and other longevity, work is stable and reliable, it can also be adjusted online, after repeated start and discharge, it can still automatically return to the seat, close tight, easy operation and maintenance.

Due to the special nature of the safety valve, after receiving the product, the user needs to get the inspection by the pot inspection. It can be used only after the parameters are qualified. The setting pressure must be set and debugged before leaving our factory according to the user`s actual requirements.Therefore, please be sure to inform us for these pressure parameters requirement after you order, otherwise it will not be shipped.

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the conditioning pressure class of safety valve and performance standards

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