3000W Solar PV System

3000W Solar PV System

3000W Solar PV System


Peak power 19200W
Solar panel: 3000W(250WX12)
Battery: 12V/1600AH(100AHX16)
Inverter: 48V/4000W(power frequency)
Controller: 48V/45A
Output port: DC:12V   AC:220V
Size: 760x1080x1620mm   weight698kg
Charging time Solar panel 3.9hours can be full charge.
Remark Solar panel with 20M wire
Time Supply Reference Appliance Power & Quantity Work time per day Total Power
LED lamp 5wx8 8Hours 320W
fan 18wx1 8Hours 144W
ceiling fan 80wx1 8Hours 640W
microwave oven 1000wx1 1Hours 1000W
coal-scuttle 1500WX1 1Hours 1500w
electric cooker 500WX1 2Hours 1000W
ice box 100W(150L)X1 24Hours 800W
washing machine 300wx1 1Hours 300W
air conditioner 750WX2 4Hours 6000W
computer 100WX1 4Hours 400W
printer 250WX1 1Hours 250W
Satellite Cable DVC 25WX1 8Hours 200W
water pump 1000WX1 1Hours 1000W
42″ LCTV 240WX1 8Hours 1920w
The system in full sunlight condition can produce electricity 3000W per hour and the capacity is 19200W.

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